Clog-style shoes for nurses have been worn for generations by women in Europe and Asia. Alegria shoes and Dansko are two well-known brands of women’s clogs. These shoes have been a favorite for years and are made of wood. There are also modern versions, such as those by Born or Sanita.

These shoes all have one thing in common. They are made from wood in one way or another. Wooden clogs come in both vintage and classic styles. Leather uppers were introduced to some clogs in Italy. Designers have been able to create countless variations on the traditional clog style since then. The current styles change as we have already mentioned. Some shoes completely cover your entire foot. Others are covered with leather or another fabric, like the Dansko models. Alegria shoes take the original idea and improve it. This was done by using the same base and making the uppers vary such as making knee boots or ankle boots, Mary Janes or slingbacks or mule-style clog shoes.

Dansko produces all types of shoes, however, they also have a special line of clogs. These clogs have been a very popular choice in healthcare. It is interesting to note that these can come in different base styles and have different uppers. You have the stapled Clog, Sanibel (Avalon), Rio, Rio and Arcadia. There are many styles to choose from, including closed toe boots or casual shoes with fabric straps. These are very different to the wooden clogs of previous centuries. A pair of clogs can provide support and style for workers. Clogs can be worn by doctors, nurses and other professionals who are constantly on their feet. Clogs can be worn around the toes like conventional shoes, so a change of shoes is not necessary every day. Clogs are loved by professionals for their versatility.