Moldavite stands out in its class. It is truly a gem like none other. It formed from the intense meteorite rain between 15 million and 20million years ago. Buy moldavite, the only “gem-quality” stone known to be extra-terrestrial in origin, is the only one. The tremendous heat and pressure of the impact fused the meteorite materials and sent them back into the Earth’s atmosphere. After the meteorites started to fall toward Earth, they fractured and were scattered across hundreds of kilometers within Moldau River Valley. This valley is north of Prague in Czechoslovakia. Moldavite is a unique result of the interaction of atmosphere and cooling magma.

Moldavite can be scientifically classified as a member in the Tektite clan. The Greek word tekto (which means “molten”) is the origin of the term Tektite. It refers to natural glass made by meteorites hitting the earth at high temperatures and pressure. The Tektites can only be found in a narrow area along the equator that is approximately 80 degrees wide.

Tektites often have a heavily pitted, black-colored surface. But, if held against strong sunlight, it is possible to see golden tints and translucent regions near the edges.

Tektites were found in Thailand and Vietnam, as well as the Philippines. Moldavite, however, has been only found in the Moldau River Valley of Czechoslovakia. Moldavite is a very rare gem stone. It is valued for its clarity, unique deep-green color, and rarity.

For centuries, the powerful metaphysical energy of Moldavite was recognized and used. Moldavite jewelry used to be given as gifts by royalty and aristocrats in the Middle Ages. You can now witness the extraordinary energies of the “stone of transformation” for your self.

Moldavite can even be felt by those who aren’t normally sensitive to the properties of stones. You may feel heat radiating from the stone as well as pulsating and tingling energy.

Moldavite can help you overcome past patterns and limitations.