Vedic Astrology is a deeply rooted Indian science, which can be applied to almost all areas of life more info. A second example is medicine.

With the help of medical astrology, one can not only find out about current health issues but also predict future ones.

When all other medical treatments fail, medical astrology is a great option.

You can use medical astrology to predict, for example, when an individual will be most vulnerable to accidents.

When we consider Indian astrology, yogas have a major impact on our health. Some yogas have a positive impact, while others can create problems. If certain events, such as the transit of planets, or certain yogas, are deemed unlucky, then it can make one’s health vulnerable. Health is not affected.

Each planet has a health-related association.

The weak Sun can cause headaches and heart problems. The Moon can cause a person to be easily irritated or calm. Mars is associated with accidents and surgeries in the same way. Mercury is primarily responsible for the intellect of an individual. This can cause issues with the voice, skin and neck.

Jupiter has been linked with obesity and type 2 diabetes. Saturn is linked to long-term conditions, such as dental issues and long-term illness.

As with the planets, each house can be related to certain body parts and also disorders.

The first home represents general health and longevity. The second home, on the contrary, represents your right eye, and throat. Third house also represents ears, shoulders, arms, and the right eye.

Medicines in Medicinal Astrology

Medicinal Astrology uses remedies to please a God, Goddess or strengthen the impact of a particular planet. You can also concentrate on reducing the negative effects of a specific transit or yoga.

Mantras are another alternative to medical astrology remedies. A method that uses gemstone therapy in order to increase the power of an aura. For example, replacing a weaker gem with one of greater strength. These remedies are effective for treating any condition.