Hyperinflation, the Great Depression and future ones.

 Q 8-28 - 1923-5331-6681 and 1928-5336-6686

Les simulachres d’or et d’argent enflez,
Qu’apres le rapt au lac furent gettez:
Au descouvert estaincts tous & troublez,
Au marbre escript, prescripts intergettez

The imitations of gold & silver inflated,
Which after the rapt to laq (lake) were thrown:
Upon discovery exhausted all & in trouble,
Scripts and bonds wiped out to the marble.

3 1 1 3 2 7 6
7 2 4 23 6 6
2 1 0 9 4 18
2 6 7 1 1

First line 11 and 32 for November 1923-5331, German inflation, confirmed by last vertical 6681 = 1923.
Third line 9418 for 1948, the Marshall Plan providing 13 billion for the European reconstruction is signed.
Last vertical 668 for 6686 = 1928/1929, financial crash and beginning of the Great Depression, confirmed by the quatrain # 28.
The 4th column 1923 certainly confirms the German depression but can also be read as 1932 = 5340, the height of the Great Depression started in 1929. Nevertheless, 1923 is the starting year intended by Nostradamus confirmed in last column 6681 = 1923-5331 confirmed again by 331 on 4th diagonal from top line.
Indeed in November 1923 the hyperinflation in Germany reaches its height. One US$ is worth 4,200,000,000,000,000 Papiermark, the old currency is then abolished. The magnitude of this money devaluation was historical and for Nostradamus to have seen it with such precision is again quite amazing.
The 2nd diagonal (top line) 1491 for1941, WWII the ultimate consequence of the depression, confirmed by 1094 in 3rd line for 1940 and last line 6711 = 1942. (Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party rose to power as a consequence of the German depression).
The 3rd line number 2109 may well stand for 2019-5427 (see 427 in 2nd line) and 418 in 3rd line for 5418 = 2010 = 6768 confirmed by the 6, 8 of last column. Upper right corner 67 66 = 2008-5416, perhaps a hint to a future great depression?
The lower left corner 26 and upper right corner 76 suggest 5426-6776 = 2018 the next?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Atomic bomb, 1945.

 Q 2-6 - 1945-5353-6703 (6/8 and 9/8, 1945)

 Aupres des portes & dedans deux citez,
Seront deux fleaux oncques n’aperceu un tel:
Faim dedans peste, de fer hors gens boutez,
Crier secours au grand Dieu immortel.

Near the harbors & within two cities,
Will be two scourges such as never seen before:
Hunger, pestilence within, of iron out people blown,
Cries for help to the great immortal God.

6 3 6 1 6 45
6 4 6 7 8 23
6 5 2 3 4 4 6
7 2 5 4 8

First line 45 for 1945, then last vertical 5368 for 6, 8, 53 or 6/8/53 = 6/8/5353 = 6/8/1945, the first A bomb on Hiroshima, 13 kilotons of TNT, Core made of Uranium-235.
1st Column ending in 45, confirming 1945.
3rd Line number 34 for perhaps 34 degrees, repeated in 2nd and 7th columns, the latitude of Hiroshima.
4th Diagonal (bottom line) 5325 for 5352 = 1944, beginning of US strategic bombing raids on Japan, precursor to the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The quatrain number 2.6 for 2 bombs, 2 cities, 2 scourges and 6 the day of the 8th moth (6+2) or August, the first A bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
The numbers 2,3,5 (last diagonal top to bottom) could be a hint to Uranium 235 utilized in the first bomb.
The first sentence describes two cities near ports like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The second sentence tells of two scourges such as never seen before, the first two atomic bombs dropped by the United States on Japan were described in such terms by President Truman announcement following the bombing. Two scourges may well signify the first on Japan, the second in the future.
The third and fourth sentences depicts the horrors of the nuclear pestilence with cries for help to the immortal God as when hit by nuclear blast no one survives and the area is contaminated by radiation. A radiation caused by nuclear fusion of uranium a heavy metal.
Japanese people had no way out but to face total annihilation, they prayed to their Emperor and immortal God for surrender.
Since Nostradamus has foreseen the first Atomic bombing in this quatrain, I would not exclude that he is also giving a hint as to the next ones:
The number 6782 in second line could stand for 6827 = 2069. (see Q 6-97) or 6782 = 2024 = 5432.
The number 4652 in 3rd line may refer to 5426 = 2018, then confirmed by the quatrain # 2.6 for 5426 and 3rd column 2566 subtracting last line 548 = 2018, where New York City seems to be the likely target (see Q 6-97). Last line 7254 for 5427 = 2019 (or 5472 = 2064).

9/11/2001 Terrorist Attack on the USA.

Q 10-72 - 2001-5409-6759 (9/11/2001) 

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grand Roy d’effraieur,
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois,
Avant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

The year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine seven month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror,
To revive the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to rule by good time

3 3 4 4 7 4 4 4
2 4 7 2 5 3 1 0
1 0 2 5 3 1 0
5 5 46 3 3 4

First column 3215 for 1523, Giovanni Verrazano is invited by French King Francois I to explore the East coast of America, in 1524 he discover the future bay of New York and name it New Angouleme, referred as Angolmois in the third sentence of the quatrain. The year 1523 seems to be confirmed by the numbers 2531 found in 2nd and 3rd lines. The number 3215 could eventually stand for 5312 = 1904, the year propping Manhattan, New York into the 20th century with the construction and first opening of the New York City Subway, in this case 04, 04 in last column would confirm 1904 as well.
Last vertical 40, 40 for 40.40 degrees latitude x 74.00 degrees longitude (see first line), the official location of New York City.
Last line 6334 + 425 (4th column) = 6759 = 2001, confirmed by 01 at end of 2nd & 3rd lines.
The number 444 at the end of 1st line added to the year 1557 (date of the prophecy) = 2001.
First diagonal (bottom line) 5074 for 5407 = 1999. The number 11 next and parallel to the last vertical 4004, perhaps for the day, also 9/11 is the 254th day of the year and 253 days past, see the numbers 253 on 2nd and 3rd line.
4th Column 4256 for 5426 = 2018, crossed by 4725 in 2nd line for 5427 = 2019.
5th Column 7533 for 5337 = 1929 + 72 (the quatrain #) = 2001 or read as 5373 = 1965 + 34 (bottom right) = 1999, or 5337 + 140 (#’s seen in last 2 columns) = 5477 = 2069 = 6827, perhaps confirmed by the quatrain # 72 in reverse order 27 for 6827.
The numbers 334 (upper left and lower right corner as well as in 4th diagonal from bottom line) coincide with the Tail # 334 of Flight 11, the first to hit the Twin Towers on 9/11.
Three of the corner numbers 33, 44, 55 suggest multiples of 11.
The quatrain # 10.72 refers to 01 for 2001, year of destruction and 72 for 1972, the date the North WTC Tower (#1) was completed (December 1972 or 10/72 Julian Calendar month). The quatrain number may also refer to 2017 and possibly 5427 = 2019, the number 5427 being confirmed by the number 4725 in 2nd line, another alternative is 6827 = 2069, dates of a future disaster upon a great new city (New York) foretold in Q 6-97.
The 2nd column 3405 for 5340 = 1932, an era that, despite the effects of the Great Depression, saw in Manhattan the building of the world tallest skyscrapers, New York became the world most populated city by 1925.
The 5th column 7533 for 5373 = 1965, design of the World Trade Center Twin Towers by Architect Minoru Yamasaki with North tower construction completed by December 1972 and South tower by July 73. The WTC was the symbol of World Capitalism and together with the United Nations and many World Organization made Manhattan, New York, the Capital of the World.

The first sentence means:
In the Julian Calendar (in use in Nostradamus time), the year date is an accomplished year and, with no year zero in the Roman calendar, bring us from 1999 to year 2000 accomplished, so December 31, 2000. The "seventh" month or "sept" in French equals to September in the Julian calendar that started its new year on March 1st, since it is seven month past 2000 and past February, it would be September 2001 of our calendar. An interesting fact is, when reversing the value of the year number 1999 mentioned in first sentence, as 1 = 9 and 9 = 1, the result would be 9111 or 9/11/1 intended by Nostradamus.

The second sentence means:
From the sky will come a great terrorist King. Osama Bin Laden certainly and historically fit the profile of such leader. The terror attack against the USA and the Twin Towers in New York came from the sky in form of planes loaded with passengers and fuel hitting their targets.

The third sentence means:
To revive the great King of Angolmois, the last word being an anagram with several intended means by Nostradamus.
1) Angolmois = Angouleme a large region of France. New York harbor was discovered by Verrazano in 1524 and named "New Angouleme" in honor of the French King Francois I King of Angouleme, a hint given by Nostradamus to identify the location of New York.
2) Angolmois = Anglo-mois for Anglo-Root or America who woke up after 9/11, spending multi-billions of dollars in defense and war against terrorism.
3) Angolmois = Mongolois of the Mongol and Genghis Khan, alluding perhaps to Kabul, Afghanistan, where the Mongol stagged their conquest of Iraq using then the Shiites and remnant Crusaders as allies to fight the Sunni. Genghis Kahn was also considered a King of Terror. Osama Bin Laden’s headquarters during 9/11 was Kabul, Afghanistan.
Mongolois may also stand for Mongolia, China and the formidable economic and technological advancement of China since 2001.

The fourth sentence means:
Before and after the 9/11 attack, Mars as a meaning of war and ingenious readiness, has ruled laxly and our wars with Afghanistan, Iraq and Al Quada has been marred with a display of high level of incompetence. Both war-fronts were out of control, Osama was on the loose for many years, even dead, there are more terrorist recruited today than ever. The whole scene has been more of a TV-Media and Political Show of Fear, all in the happy comfort of our homes, but certainly not a full fledge war against terrorism until later.

US and Coalition of the willing invading Iraq.

Q 3-61 - 2003-5411-6761 (20/03/2003)

La grande bande & secte crucigere,
Se dressera en Mesopotamie:
Du proche fleuve compagnie legere,
Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie.

The great band & sect of the cross,
Will set up in Mesopotamia:
From the nearby river light troop,
That such law will hold for enemy.

2 6 5 1 5 9
2 8 211
2 6 6 96
3 5 3 7 4 7

Last vertical 9, 1, for 1991 (5399-6749), the first attack on Iraq by the US Coalition and 7, 6, 1, for 6761 = 2003, the second invasion of Iraq.
The 4th column numbers 79,11: for the 79th day of the year 5411 = 20/03/2003, the exact date the US invaded Iraq!
In second line, adding 282.11 to 79.11 = 361.22: or 3.61 the quatrain # with 3 for March and 61 for 6761 = 2003. The number 282.11 read right to left = 11.282 weeks = 20/03/03.
The humor of Nostradamus went to the point of putting these numbers in a cross shape (crusaders), quite amazing.
The numbers 6, 7, 4, 9 in the lower right square for 6749 = 1991, confirms well the year of the first attack against Iraq by the Coalition following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein.
The 5th vertical column, 5164 for 5416 = 2008 a significant year event in the conflict and perhaps confirmed by the number 16 when reading the quatrain # 61 right to left. The nature of this event: a newly elected US President committed to the troop withdrawal from Iraq by 2011-5419-6769, confirmed by the numbers 11, 19 and 69 in the last two columns to the right. A score by the insurrection forces and Islam fundamentalist which is the theme of this prophecy.
The last line shows the number 5374 for 5437 = 2029, perhaps the end of the US presence in Iraq.
Taking the number 5159 in first line adding 263 in 3rd column and 1st diagonal (from bottom) directly connected at the top, a favorite of Nostradamus, the result is 5422 (with the number 22 confirmed in 1st column) = 2014.

The first sentence uses the words "great band" for the US Coalition forces, "sect" for the sectarian character of the conflict (Muslim/Al Qaeda/Christian/Sunni/Shiite) and "cross" for crusaders as the Muslim named the US Coalition invading force.
The administration of US President Bush implied in several occasions the word crusade and the Christian moral and religious duty for the reason to invade Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein.
The second sentence could not describe any better the invasion, as the US in its original goal had fully set-up in Iraq ,with multiple military bases and constructed an unparalleled and formidable Embassy in Bagdad.

The third sentence describes the light troop of insurgent mixtures in towns boarding the Euphrates river above and below Bagdad. Indeed, this insurgent forces, mainly comprised of Sunni elements including Al Qaeda (now ISIS), attacked relentlessly the US Forces, the Coalition and any supporting entities by utilizing unthinkable methods of terror such as beheading, human bombs and other atrocities often directed at civilians and innocents.

The fourth sentence tell us that they will hold the law of the invaders (democracy and crusaders) as enemy of the Muslim law, a sentiment spread worldwide among Muslims, therefore Nostradamus implying a no-win situation for the US occupying force. The new government of Iraq, in the aftermath, being closer to Iranian Shiites than the USA.
The last vertical numbers could be read as 1967, beginnings of Saddam Hussein rise to power.
Another number to be concerned is in 1st diagonal (top line) 2867, which could stand for 6827-5477-2069, see Q 6-97 and 697 confirmed by the last vertical numbers 9, 6, 7, a day of retribution by Iraq.  

American Slavery, Abraham Lincoln and a new leader less arrogant.

 Q 4-16 - 2008-5416-6766 and 1861-5269-6619

La cite franche de liberte fait serve,
Des profliges & resveurs faict asyle:
Le roy change a eulx non si proterve:
De cent seront devenus plus de mille.

The free city of liberty made servile,
From profligates & dreamers made asylum:
The king changed to them not so arrogant,
From hundred will have become more than thousand.

2 4 72 7 45
3 9 1 8 5 5
2 3 61 4 3 2 8
2 4 67 4 2 5

First line 2745 for 5274 = 1866 or 5427 = 2019. Also 2745 subtracting on the same line the number 742 = 2003 = 6761, confirmed by 3rd column 6617 for 6761, the US invasion of Iraq.
Second line 1855, Lincoln letter against slavery, (in 1854 the GOP is founded).
Third line 7425 for 5427 = 2019, but also 5274 = 1866, after the Civil War ended. Also third line 4328 subtracting 2361 on same line = 1967, Martin Luther King, on April 4 (exactly one year before his death), delivers a speech titled "Beyond Vietnam" where he spoke strongly against the US role in war, calling the US Government "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today" and that the country needed larger and broader moral changes.
Last vertical 55, 58 for 1855, 1858, Lincoln’s debates for the abolition of slavery.
3rd Column 6617, possibly for 1617, Jamestown (VA) but certainly 6617 = 1859.
3rd Diagonal (bottom line) 6154 for 5416 = 2008, US Presidential election year, confirmed by the quatrain # 4.16 for 5416 = 2008, and 16 for 61 of 1861, the year when Abraham Lincoln took office as the 16th President of the U.S.
6th Column 4532 for 5423 = 2015, possibly an event affecting the US Presidency.
President Lincoln was instrumental in the abolition of slavery, however he was assassinated on April 14, 1865 or 4/14/6623; see number 23 in 1st column and adjacent 2nd diagonal (top line) number 4114 for 4/14 the date of the assassination and 4/11, the date John Wilkes Booth decided to assassinate the President. One could also see the number 6 and 5 crossing 4114, confirming 1865.
This is an amazing prophecy about the United States, its origin, its growth, the slavery and Presidential elections.

The first sentence describes a free city of liberty, the US and Washington DC certainly fit the description and the contemporary Statue of Liberty in New York is the undeniable landmark.
Made servile ("serve" in old French stands for a derivative of "serf", a slave), refers to the broad term of slavery. The slavery was an integral part of the foundation of the USA, its economic growth and the Civil War, amazingly the US Constitution was based on freedom but yet allowing slavery. Servile may also figuratively refers to the enslavement to the out of control contemporary capitalistic and consumer society.

The second sentence states that it will be the asylum of profligates and dreamers, the word profligate describing people that are dissolute, recklessly extravagant, wasteful and spenders, all of which made the American dream possible and have generated the great migrations to America.
The first of such great migration occurred in 1618 through 1623 in Jamestown (Virginia colony), (1617-22 Julian calendar, see 3rd column 617 = 1617 and 3rd line 2361 = 1623, confirmed by the # 23 and 22 of 1st column) the first permanent settlement in what became the US and Washington DC, Northeast of Virginia.. The population of then 450 grew near ten fold to over 4000 within a few years.
In 1619 the first blacks slaves arrived to Virginia, in 1622, the Indian massacre, in 1676 (3rd column 7166), Jamestown is burned to the ground by internal rifts.
4th Column 2817 = 1872 and was the period of the great European migration to the Americas.

The third sentence states a change by a new leader (king) that will be less arrogant to them
(The French word "proterve" has a broad meaning as arrogant, stubborn, wayward, perverse, etc.). Based on the dates of 1855 found on 2nd line, confirmed by 55 and 58 on last vertical for 1855 and 1858, the year 6617 = 1859 on 3rd column and 1866 (confirmed by 2745 on 1st line and 7425 on last line for 5274 = 1866), we find in those years Abraham Lincoln fighting for the abolition of slavery and addressing the racial issues in his famous letter of 1855, then the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858.
President Abraham Lincoln can certainly be qualified as less arrogant than his predecessors and a man of "changes".
In 1861 (see quatrain # 16 for 61), Lincoln is inaugurated as the 16th President, it is also the beginning of the Civil War until 1865, by December 1965 all slaves had been released, which bring us to a new era in 1866.
It is important to note that this prophecy does not mention specifically the assassination of Lincoln in 1865, nor the bloody Civil War with near a million casualties, so I believe Nostradamus intended this prophecy to focus more on the abolition of slavery and the changes affecting the future of America, particularly in 5416-2008.
The key words in this quatrain are: Free, Liberty, Slavery, Profligates, Dreamers, King and Change. The "change" must be substantial for Nostradamus to dedicate a prophecy about it.
To whom is that change addressed to; "to them" wrote Nostradamus, "them" may stand for the minorities, the people of the United States and the World. The last words of the sentence "not so, or less, arrogant and stubborn" indicates a new openness to the world, but also and particularly in reference to the racial issues. Abraham Lincoln saw it, Martin Luther King dreamed of it.
The date of 2008 (4516 on 6th diagonal left, top-down for 5416 = 2008), confirmed by the quatrain # 4.16, suggest that a significant change in American politics and ruling is to occur in the year 2008 elections, to face the disastrous, stubborn and arrogant presidency of George W. Bush and, exactly 150 years after the Lincoln debates. On 1st line, the number 2745 subtracting 742 = 2003 the year of the US invasion of Iraq, (confirmed by 3rd vertical 7166 for 6761 = 2003) which has drained the US economy and profoundly divided America.
The numbers 2745 and 7425 (first and last lines) could be read as 5427 = 2019, a future and related event, and 5th column 7544 for 5474 = 2066, a future major US conflict and referred in Q 10-66.

The fourth sentence states that from hundred (100) they will have become more than thousand (1000). My research lead led me to the term "hundred" who was at the time of the American colony, a traditional English name for an administrative division of a shire (or county) to define an area that would support 100 heads of household. In Jamestown after 1623, once tobacco had been established as an export crop, investors became more interested and groups of them united to create largely sufficient "hundreds"as they called themselves. The rapid economic and population growth of the American colonies could be said to have been quickly from 100 to more than 1000, as Nostradamus put it, and eventually to become the most powerful country on the planet.

The slavery and racial issues in a country founded on the bases of freedom and equality would have choked Nostradamus.

In early 2008 I wrote: Analogy to the current events of 2008:

It is only in 2007 that the State of Virginia issued an official apology to the black people for their enslavement.
One of the leading contender in the 2008 Presidential elections is the black Senator of Illinois, Barack Obama who announced his candidacy in 2007, symbolically linking his presidential campaign to Abraham Lincoln 1858 House Divided speech (Lincoln was also Senator of Illinois).
Barack Obama was born on a 4th and in 1961, 4 and 61 coinciding with the quatrain # 4.16 as well as the election year 5416 = 2008, the type of number coincidence loved by Nostradamus.
The heavy reference to the abolition of black slavery and a leader of changes may be a clue as to a black president., particularly when the candidate is basing his campaign on changes and hope for a better and united America.
This could be an indication about the winner of the 2008 elections all the way through 2015 (see # 4532 on 6th column for 5423 = 2015) and 2019 (5427 of 1st and last lines).Note:
In early 2008, I wrote and documented all the above, now we know that Barak Obama won the presidency of the United States by a landslide, but during his campaign he ran against a lot of adversity and particularly racial and religious issues with the reverend Wright scandal. Nevertheless Obama was able to overcome the negativity as he is a skilled orator and the American people needed a profound change of venue.
Obama also got a never seen before popularity abroad and overseas, as the people of the world were fed-up with the American attitude and foreign policies, waiting for a change.
Toward the end of 2008, the USA found itself in a deep state of economic recession with world wide repercussions. A foreign debt in trillions with countries like China who have invested over a trillion dollar in our treasury, a very precarious situation as the investors are seeing a decay in the value of the US economy and currency, prompting some nations at the Economic G8 meeting to eventually consider another currency than the US dollar.
The wars and efforts against terrorism and the financial rescue packages have drained the US economy. In other words of reality, the US situation here and abroad is uncertain and is facing great danger of losing its dominant position.
The tone of Barak Obama and the new administration is to deal with these realities and be more conciliate and less arrogant in order to maintain and eventually expand the US influence in the world through changes and a hopeful new world order.
With all due respect the presidency, this is an almost unsurmountable task, our financial system is corrupted, flawed and a bubble waiting to burst. It is just a matter of time and it appears that Nostradamus sees this happening as early as 2017, 2018, where the riches will no longer have it and the lack of fuel reserves, production and income will result in major unrest in the world, particularly the Middle East.
For the next decades the USA will do whatever possible to develop its own resources but will likely fail, the cause; being battered by the elements of nature and the world economy. This will in turn result in the inability to intervene in world conflicts during the third decade of the 21st century.
As a consequence, the unrest of the Muslim world in the Middle East will spread to Europe on two fronts, one from Iran trough Turkey, the other from North Africa to Italy, France and Spain, all in a full scale war by the mid 2020's. The USA and the Far East will be unable to intervene.
As to the power and influence of the churches, they will be so weakened that they will be unable to assist or comfort. The current head of the Catholic church, Pope Benedict the XVI, is by all accounts controversially backward, retrieving into the middle ages with little sense of the realities facing the 21st century, he also has managed to get the hatred from the Muslim world by his polemics. The American Christian churches seem more driven by wealth and bigotry than true spirituality, just see the car or SUV driven and the suit wore by your Pastor, it is as far as I can see from the sandals of Christ. There is not much there beside waiting for the wrap of doomsday! How sad. 


The Greek Lady and the Spanish Realm.

Q 9-78 - 2014-5422-6772

La dame Grecque de beaute laydique,
Heureuse faicte de procs innumerable,
Hors translatee au regne Hispanique,
Captive prinse mourir mort miserable.

The Greek lady of secular beauty,
Made happy by countless procurement,
Transferred out to the Spanish realm,
Taken captive to die miserable death.

2 4 72 6 8
8 6 25 1 1
4 1 0 2 5 1 0
7 6 649

Last vertical 8119 for 1981-5389, year of an attempted military coup against the Spanish monarchy.
3rd Column 7206 for 6720 = 1962, Princess Sophia of Greece marry at age 24 Juan Carlos Bourbon future King of Spain.
The first line 7268 could be read as 6728 = 1970 = 5378, confirmed by the quatrain # 78 or 7268 as 6782 = 2024, confirmed by the number 24 preceding on the same line.
Third line 2510 may stand for 2015 and 4102 for 2014= 5422 = 6772, confirmed by 5422 in 4th column, possibly a year depicting the tragedy of the last sentence.
Last line 7664 for 6764 = 2006, emergence of small but growing anti monarchy movements in Spain, also the fear of terrorism by separatist Spanish organizations and the fundamentalist Muslims that have declared "Jihad" in their dream to recapture Spain. These could result in actions against the monarchy and eventually Queen Sofia of Spain, "the Greek Lady", to be taken captive or hostage.
Also in last line, the number 6649 = 1891 could relate to the numbers 8119 = 1891 in last vertical, but nothing pertaining to the Greek or Spanish royal family or regime occurred in that year.
In 2008, upon her 70th birthday, Queen Sofia’s controversial conservative opinions have been widely publicized in Spain producing an uproar among Spaniards.
Queen Sophia was raised in Greece and transferred to the Spanish realm upon marrying Juan Carlos in 1962 (6720 seen in 3rd column).

The quatrain # 9.78 stands for 1978 = 5386, when Spain ratified a new constitution acknowledging Juan Carlos as rightful heir of the Spanish dynasty and King. In 1969, the dictator and head of Spain Francisco Franco designated Prince Juan Carlos de Borbon as his successor, Franco died in 1975.
King Juan Carlos de Bourbon is a descendant of the last King of France royal family.
The first sentence word "laydique", not found in any dictionary of the old French, may be routed from "lay" = secular as ancestral and conservative beauty in the context of the sentence.
The second sentence word "Procs" = likely for procurement from "procurare" = take care of, manage or revenues. Queen Sophia has been involved in countless patronage and lead role.
The third sentence clearly allude to the Greek lady being transferred to the Spanish realm or monarchy, the case with Queen Sophia of Spain.
The fourth sentence depicts captivity and a miserable death.

I wish to be wrong in all of this. However since I wrote this, in 2014 King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia were compelled to abdicate in favor of their son Felipe VI. Queen Sofia live a separate life from Juan Carlos and it is said to be ultra conservative, lonely and unhappy. 

Nuclear attack over the Great New City (New-York).

Q 6-97 - 2018-5426-6776 and/or 2069-5477-6827 (Two possible dates)

Cinq & quarante degres ciel bruslera,
Feu approcher de la grand cite neusve,
Instant grand flamme esparse sautera,
Quant on voudra des Normans faire preuve.

Five & fourty degrees sky will burn,
Fire to approach the great new city,
Instant great scattered flame leaps up,
When they will want from the Normans to prove it.

41 8 6 4 8
39 2 2 5 4 6
7 5 6 7 7
5 2 6 37 5 6

Second line 2546 for 5426-6776 = 2018, confirmed by last vertical number 76.
Third line 677 for 6776 = 2018 and 7567 for 6757 = 1999 of Q # 10-72 (9/11).
3rd Column 8266 for 6826 = 2068.
5th Column 4577 for 5477 = 2069.
1st Diagonal (top line) 4963 = 1555, year the prophecy was dedicated, adding 1864 in first line = 6827 = 5477, found in 5th column = 2069 (the numbers 4963, 1864 and 5477 forming a triangle).
Last vertical 6768 = 2010 = 5418, confirmed by 418 of 1st line or the last vertical could be read as 6876 = 2118 = 5526, confirmed by 5526 in 1st diagonal from the bottom line up.
Taking the 3rd and 4th column numbers 8266 and 6273, subtracting them = 1993, year of the first underground bombing of the Twin Towers and terrorist attack on New York previously referred in Q 1-87 and maybe alluded in the last vertical numbers 8 and 7.
The 3rd diagonal number from last line reads 6758 = 2000, the second millennium and a year before the second attack on New York with the destruction of the Twin Towers.
The first vertical column numbers 4375 may connect the events to the quatrain 10-72 about the King of Terror coming from the sky and the event of 9/11 in New York, indeed adding 375 +697, the quatrain number = 1072 (Q 10-72) and the number 4 preceding 375 indicates 4 "Centuries" apart (6 + 4 = 10). Otherwise, 4375 could stand for 5473 = 2065, 5437 = 2029 or 5347 = 1939 = 6697, confirmed by the quatrain number 6.97, adding 79 the quatrain number in reverse = 6776 = 2018, quite strange, since in 1939, Albert Einstein wrote a letter to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, urging the United States to rapidly develop the atomic bomb. The Manhattan Project was the code name for operations in charge of developing such atomic bomb, its original headquarter was located 270 Broadway in Manhattan, NY, at the corner of the 9/11 Ground Zero, what an irony. The year 1939 was also the ending of the Great Depression going into WWII.
The quatrain # 6.97 highly suggest the year 2069, and perhaps the number 7 for the month, but it may also indicate 7, 6 for 6776 = 2018 and 9 for the month.

Most scholars on Nostradamus translated the first sentence of this prophecy as follow:
" At forty-five degrees, the sky will burn", Nostradamus did not said 45 nor 40 & 5 but 5 & 40 and there is a reason for it. Indeed New York, the great new city, is located at 40degrees latitude and not 45. In the last sentence, the Normans may likely stands for the French Normandie located at about 5 degrees longitude near the Atlantic and could simply allude to NATO. Too often I run across this type of erroneous translation as writers are translating with poetry in mind, not verbatim as it should be in order to respect the integrity of Nostradamus text.
This prophecy tell us that something will be burning in the sky in what appears to be a launched rocket and approaching a great new city, and while in the air it will instantly explode with a great scattered flame . They will want to have confirmation of the launch from the Europeans or French.
Lets analyze some of the words;
"Great new city", how many GREAT new city are located at 40 degrees? New York seems to be certainly the biggest and most important and modern city at 40 degrees latitude.
"Fire approaching", indicates motion and likely a rocket.
"Instant great scattered flame leaps up", pictures a HUGE flaming explosion.
"Sky will burn", the only known weapon to cause the sky to burn is a nuclear chain reaction as the H bomb.
"The Normans to prove it", certainly under such threat of nuclear attack we will want to obtain intelligence and proof from our allies before counteracting.
The likely of such an event is real, considering extremist organizations and rogue regimes that have already swore to annihilate the USA such as the "jihad" or holly wars that have been declared by Muslim extremist against the West. It will only require them to obtain a nuclear bomb and a short range missile on the black market. The launching capability scenario could be made very easy by them launching a missile from one of a multitude of merchant ships cruising the international waters of the Atlantic ocean not far from the coast line of America.
Why New York? Well, they already have done it twice and it would be naive not to think they’ll try a third or fourth time until total destruction. The newly rebuilt World Trade Center tallest tower, a perfect target, New York is also the symbol of capitalism and headquarter of the merchants of the world, including the United Nations and multiple international organizations. What a blow.
Another interesting number is 1952 in second column, the year of the US first H bomb and the year the UK announced their first A bomb.
The strong connections between this quatrain and the quatrains 1-87 and 10-72 are worry some.
The quatrain 10-72 with the number 72 or 27 could very well refer to the year 6827 = 2069 and 10 or 01 for 2001 which was 68 years earlier. So, 2018 or 2069 or both?

By French neglect, Muslim invasion of South France and Northwest Italy.

Q 1-18 - 2018-5426-6776 through 2068-5476-6826

Par la discorde negligence Gauloise,
Sera passage a Mahommet ouvert:
De sang trempe la terre & mer Senoise,
Le port Phocen de voilles & nefz couvert.

By the French discord and negligence,
A passage to Muhammad will be opened:
The land and sea of Siena soaked in blood,
The Phocen port of veils & ships covered.

3 2 8 1 08
4 8 1 8 6
2 4 6 2 5 1 3 7
2 4 6 2 7 1 4 7

First line 2810 for 2018.
Third line 4625 for 5426 = 2018.
Fourth line 246 added to 1822 (4th column) = 2068, confirmed by 6268 (3rd diagonal from bottom line) for 6826 = 2068.
Last vertical 6877 for 6787 = 5437 = 2029, confirmed by 37 on 3rd line.
The Quatrain # 1.18 could confirm 2018, a significant year whereby France, by discord and negligence, will open the way for a future Muslim invasion of Southern Europe as stated in the first and second sentences. Important to note the words "Sera passage" meaning a future passage, therefore an event to come down in time from 2018 to 2068, over a 50 years period.
The third sentence refers to the bloody impact of that invasion on the Northwest of Italy in 2029=5437=6787,​ confirmed by last vertical 8677 for 6787.
The fourth sentence indicates the port of Marseille (Phocen), in Southern France, being invaded at the same time. The word "voilles" in French has two meanings, one is "sails", the other "veils", since Nostradamus already mention "ships", I don’t believe he repeated himself but rather refers to "veils" the traditional fundamentalist Muslim head cover, confirmed in a figurative way by the last word "covered". The Muslim veil or "burka" worn by women is currently the object of political debates in France which unwelcome the burka in public places and banned in schools.
In this last sentence the word "nefz" also has a doble meaning, one is vessel, the other the body of a Church, thus insinuating the religious context of this invasion or oppression.
Based on the layout of some of the numbers one may believe this prophecy to pertain to the next century in 2118, seen in the 6th column as 118 and 8677 in last vertical as 6877 = 2119, however since several quatrains are forecasting a major Muslim war around 2029 through 2068, the dating of 2018 seen in first line is more likely.  

The cruel masses will howl all night when
the great Pope will change country.

Q 2-41 - 2030-5438-6788

La grand’ estoille par sept iours bruslera,
Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:
Le gros mastin toute nuict hurlera,
Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

The great star will blaze for seven days,
Cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The huge mastiff will howl all night,
When the great pontiff will change country.

2 5 8 34 58
4 4 4 78
2 4 6 5 5 7
5 5 8 8 2 7

First line 8345 for 5438 = 2030 = 6788, confirmed by 7, 8, 8 in last vertical. Also first line 2583 subtracting 524 in 1st column = 2059 = 5467, confirmed in 2nd diagonal (bottom-up).
Last line 5588 = 2180, confirmed in 3rd diagonal (bottom-up), a significant year in the fall and restoration of the Catholic church.
1st Column 2425 for 5422 = 2014, confirmed by the quatrain # 41, a year of change or event leading to this prophecy.
1st Diagonal (bottom line) 5443 = 2035.
1st Diagonal (top line) 2468 for 6824 = 2066.
The quatrain # 2.41 could be a reference to the year 2141 with the persecution of the church and next Q 8-99 foretelling about the relocation of the Holy See.

The first sentence tell us about a sort of comet burning with a cloud of space dust such as the sun will appear doble its size as described in the second sentence.
The third sentence is not so clear but may mean cruel for "gros" and/or huge crowd for "mastin", perhaps indicating that a huge crowd will be staging a massive demonstration the night the Pope is forced to flee Rome.
The fourth sentence plainly states the Pope moving out of Rome, perhaps for reasons of security due to a changing political climate and the growing threat of adversity at his door step. The date; 2030


Q 2-75 - 2068-5476-6826

La voix ouye de l’insolit oyseau,
Sur le canon du respiral estage:
Si hault viendra du froment le boisseau,
Que l’homme d’homme sera Antropophage.

The voice heard from the unwon bird,
Over the ordinance of the clean-air up-stage:
So high will the bushel of wheat rise,
That man will devour his fellow man. 

2 4 4 2 8 6
3 2 5 2 86 
2 5 72 7 2 8
3 6 6 4 1 2

First line 4286 for 6824 = 2066, confirmed by 6, 6 of last vertical.
Second line 5286 for 6825 = 2067 = 5475.
Last line 6412 for 2146 or 2164.
2nd Column4256 for 5462 = 2054 and 2nd diagonal (top line) 4521 for 2154.

3rd Column 4576for 5476 = 2068 = 6826, confirmed by 3rd diagonal (bottom line)6286 and last vertical numbers 6, 6, 8, 2 for 6826 = 2068.
2nd Diagonal (bottom line) 6728 for 6827 = 2069.
The quatrain # 2.75 perhaps for 75 of 5475 = 2067 and 27 for 6827 = 2069, the years for this prophecy with a striking similarity to the Q 1-67 foretelling a great famine.
The first sentence tells of an unusual warning source.
The second sentence describes; that it is over the concern of ordinances and rules of clean air or, in better words, the green house and pollution effects as we know them today.
The third sentence states then, as a result, production of food will be scarce and prices will rise so high that it will cause, in the fourth sentence, a famine such that people will go to the extend of cannibalism.
An absolutely amazing prophecy by Nostradamus, considering what we scientifically know today on the irreversible course toward the warming-up of planet Earth, the pollution generated by our out control industrialized society and other natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions or future asteroid impacts.
The price of the bushel on the international market is already at an all time high and on the rise due to increase demand.  

Bloody persecution of the churches, ruin to the clergy..

Q 8.98 - 2140-5548-6898, beginning 2014-5422-6772

Des gens d’Eglise sang sera espanche,
Comme de l’eau en si grande abondance:
Et d’un long temps ne sera restanche,
Ve ve au clerc ruyne & doleance.

Of Church people blood will be poured out,
Like the water in such great abundance:
And for a long time will not be quenched,
Alas alas to the clergy ruin & grief.

3 4 7 44 8
5 2 4 2 2 6 9
2 3 4 5 2 49
2 2 2 5 518

First line 48 for 5548 = 2140 = 6898, confirmed by 8, 9, 8 in last vertical.
Second line 2269 for 6922 = 2164 = 5572 and 5242 for 5422 = 2014.
Third line 5249 for 5492 = 2084 = 6842.
Last line 2255 for 5522 = 2114, confirmed by 522 in1st and 5th column.
4th Column 5524 = 2116.
5th Column 4225 for 5422 = 2014, confirmed by 5242 in 2nd line for 5422 = 2014.
6th Column 8641 for 6841 = 2083 = 5491.
1st Diagonal (top line) 3245 for 5423 = 2015, confirmed by 2345 in 3rd line for 5423 = 2015 or could be read as 5432 = 2025, the beginning of major conflicts in the Mediterranean basin.
2nd Diagonal (top line) 4455 for 5544 = 2136.
The quatrain # 8.98 for 6898 = 2140.
This prophecy foretells about the persecution of churches with an early abandonment beginning in 2014, then there will be a short revival in 2084 until 2136. The years 2140 through 2164, appears to be the period when a bloody persecution of the Christian Church will be at its worst. The third and fourth sentences emphasize a long duration with a lamented ruin and grief to the clergy. 

The end of Nostradamus prophecies.

Q 1-48 - 2246-5654-7004 

Vingt ans du regne de la Lune passes,
Sept mil ans autre tiendra sa monarchie:
Quand le Soleil prendra ses jours lasses,
Lors accomplit & mine ma prophetie.

Twenty years of the Moon’s rule passed,
Seven thousand years other will hold its monarchy:
When the Sun will take its exhausted days,
Then accomplished & meant my prophecy.

5 3 2 5 2 2 4 6
43 3 5 7 2 9
52 6 7 3 5 6
4914 4 2 9

First line 2246 = 5654, confirmed by 54, 54 on 1st column, the end.
Also, first line 5325 for 3255 = 8013, the end times period and the eight millennium that achieves all, but if adding 5325 to 329 in 2nd column = 5654 = 7004 = 2246, confirming 2246 in 1st line.
1st Diagonal (bottom line) 4235 for 3254 = 8012.
Last line 4914 + 29 = 4943 = 1535 (end of the 354 years lunar astronomical cycle in Nostradamus time, the next are 1889 and 2243) + 20 years = 1555, the year the prophecy is dedicated.
Last vertical number 6969 = 2211 or likely 6996 = 2238 + 2246 = 4484 : 2 = 2242.
1st Column 5454 = 2046 + (1)96 (last vertical) = 2242, also 5454 may stand for 5544 = 2136, confirmed in 3rd column by the numbers 2361, however this number could be read as 3261 = 8019 = 6669, then confirmed by the numbers 6, 6, 9 in last vertical (1726 years after 1535).
An alternative to the 3rd column number 2361 could be 6312 = 1554 - 20 = 1534 + 1727 = 3261.
3rd Diagonal from the bottom 1772 for 1727 years added to 1535 (end of lunar cycle in Nostradamus time) = 3262 = 8020, 20 years into the 8th millennium.
One could read the 1st column as 5454 = 2046 + 148 (the quatrain #) = 2194, then confirmed by 1429 in last line for 2194 and 2nd diagonal (bottom line) 9652 for 6952 = 2194, adding 48 (the quatrain #) = 2242 = 7000. The year 2194 could correspond to the last antichrist or beast seen in Q 1-64.

The first sentence establishes a beginning date of 20 years passed the cycle of the moon, in instance the year 1535 + 20 = 1555, corresponding to the year Nostradamus dedicated this prophecy in the letter to Caesar mentioning 1555 as the starting year all the way to the year 3797, a difference of 2242 and the duration of his prophecies.
The astronomical cycle of the moon is approximately 354 years and not to err on this one, as Nostradamus confirm this numbers 3,5,4 on the upper left corner of the quatrain. The year 1535 was the end of the lunar cycle in Nostradamus time, the next was 1889 and then at last 2243, corresponding to the end of the prophecies and the reason Nostradamus mentions lunar cycle in this prophecy.
The second sentence refer to the 7000 years of the prophecies, past, present and future as he mention in the letter to his son Caesar dated 1st of March 1555. The sentence "other will hold its rule", mean the one thousand years that will follow under the rule of Christ (as foretold in the Bible) and in opposition to the passed 7000 years ruled by Evil with the first judgment, completing the 8000 years or the eighth millennium.
Adding 2242 + 20 + 1000 = 3262, the approximate year for the final judgment of all things.
The third sentence mean the astrological end, but also the word "Sun" for God, when he would allow Christ to rule and exhaust time for the salvation of mankind.
The fourth simply conclude that by then, the beginning of Christ rule, his prophecies will be accomplished with all its meanings.

These are just a few decoded Nostradamus' quatrains, much more in my book Nostradamus 2242 Judgment Day.

Nostradamus decoded prove, beyond doubt, that short term end of the world predictions are unfounded and the work of charlatans. Nostradamus predictions date the end to 2242. 


United States of America is born, Thanksgiving.

Q 1-50 - 1750-5158-6508

De l’aquatique triplicite naistra,
D’un qui fera le ieudy pour sa feste:
Son bruit, loz, regne, sa puissance croistra,
Par terre & mer aux Oriens tempeste.

From the aquatic triplicate will be born,
One who will make Thursday for its feast:
Its renown, praise, reign, and power will grow,
By land & sea to the Orients turbulence.

2 1 0 1 0 7
3 3 4 2 5 4 2 5
3 5 3 5
2 9 8
3 5 1 3 3 6 8

First line 21 for first Thanksgiving celebration in 1621, also year 2101, subtracting 325 in 5th column = 1776 (5184-6534) the U.S. Independence.
Second line 5425 = 2017 = 6775, confirmed by 7, 5 in last vertical. Also 3425 for 5423 = 2015, perhaps confirmed by the quatrain numbers 0, 1, 5, by the same taught, the numbers in 1st line seem to be related to the 21st century, perhaps 2001, 2011, 2017.
Third line 3535 for 5353=1945, end of WWII and Atomic bombs on Japan.
Last line 3368 for 6833 = 2075, confirmed by the repeated number 33 in 1st column and 1st diagonal (bottom line). Also last line 863 for 1863, year since Thanksgiving is celebrated annually.
Quatrain # 1-50 for 1 country united by the 50 States of the Union.
2nd Column 1355 for 5513 = 2105 or 5531 = 2123.
5th Column 0523 for 5032 = 1624 Jamestown, VA, first great migration to America.
6th Column 7496 for 6749 = 1991, operation Desert Storm, war against Iraq.
1st Diagonal (bottom) 3541, confirmed by the crossing 3541 in 5th diagonal (bottom) for 5413 = 2005, the beginning of significant turmoil for the U.S. in their involvement against Muslim extremists, terrorism and uncertain wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The fact that Nostradamus put this numbers crossing each other is a presage of a bad outcome and may also refer to "crusade". An alternative to these numbers would be 5431 = 2023.
3rd Diagonal (top line) 0226 for 2026.
3rd Diagonal (bottom) 1557 could stand for 5517 = 2109 or simply 1557 when the Prophecies were dedicated, but generally when Nostradamus put such number, then another one need to be added in this case for example the number 496 on the 6th column, resulting in 2053.
4th Diagonal (top line) 1598 for 5198 = 1790, George Washington gave his first State of the Union Address and in 1789 (October) Washington proclaims Thanksgiving.
The numbers 7, 5, 8 in last vertical for 6758 = 2000, the height of US power, and 7, 8, 8 for 1788 when the United States Constitution is ratified.
The numbers in square in the 5th and 6th columns 07, 54, 29 could stand for 5407 = 1999 and 5429 = 2020.

In this prophecy, Nostradamus foresees the birth of America from the three major colonial sea powers; England, France and Spain (The three had colonies on the then future U.S.A.), it is a mixture of these people and cultures that formed the core of America. (From the aquatic triplicate)
Thanksgiving was celebrated as early as 1621, in 1939-5347 FDR proposed to make it an official an unique American holiday to be celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November, it was officialise in 1941-5349 (Thursday for its feast). There is only one powerful country in the world that celebrate Thursday as its holiday and that is the U.S.A.
Starting in the 1890's (5298 the last four numbers of 3rd line) American industrialization grew very fast and by 1945 (5353 on the same line) became first world super power, privilege that America holds today with its renown unmatched. (Its renown, praise, reign, and power will grow)
The U.S.A. has being a policy maker and enforcer, resulting in turbulence, conflicts and wars with the Orientals from Mid to Far East, (Philippines, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, to mention a few and other totalitarian and communist regimes presenting a threat to American interest) (By land & sea to the Orients turbulence) and the U.S. navy with its Aircraft Carriers is definitely the power by sea that can wage a war of supremacy.
For the future, this prophecy indicate several important years to watch for: 2015, 2017, 2020, 2026, 2053, 2075, 2101, 2109 and 2123.

Prophecies Decoded

Here some amazing samples of Nostradamus Quatrains decoded and much more in my book Nostradamus 2242, Judgment Day.


At first the last Presage quatrain written by Nostradamus and published in the Almanac of 1566, foretelling the year of his death. The Presage is titled as event for November (then assumed 1567):

Nostradamus announcing his death on 07/02/1566 or 4974 - 6324 by coded calendar.

Du retour d’Ambassade, don de Roy; mis au lieu,
Plus n’en fera: Sera alle a Dieu:
Parens plus proches, amis, freres du sang,
Trouve toutmortprez du lict & du banc.

Upon return from the Embassy, King’s gift; put in place,
He will do no more: Will be gone to God:
Nearest relatives, friends, brothers by blood,
Found completely dead near the bed & the bench

(Converted to numbers:)   (From the numbers subtract 4758 or 3408 code given by Nostradamus
 in order to find the actual year date)

2 6 1 0 3 2 3 : 3 2 4
4 3 4 : 4 4 1 4
6 4 7 4 6 24
6 1 2 2 4 1 2 4

End of first line 324 for 6324 (- 4758) = 1566, the year of his death.
Second line 3444 = 3444 crowns, his recorded fortune at death.
Last line 2241 alluding to the end of his prophecies by 2242.
In 7th column and last vertical 3444 crowns confirmed.
In 1st column 66 for 1566 and 24,63 the 4 numbers in square in the upper left corner for 6324 = 1566.
The number 2421 in the 6th column = 2241.
The number 6341 in the 2nd column for 6314 = 1556 a year before dedicating his book of prophecies to King Henry II of France.
Yet the most fascinating numbers are found in second line and strangely separated by a colon; 434 : 4414, when adding 4344 + 414 = 4758 or year zero found in the 1st Chronology as the sum of years to the birth of Christ and confirming one of the keys to the code.

Nostradamus suffered from gout for many years, In 1566, his health underwent a rapid collapse, in June, upon returning from the royal Embassy of Arles as a representative of the King, Nostradamus had a severe attack of gout which soon developed into dropsy. At day break on 2 of July 1566 family and friends found him dead in his bed with his swollen leg propped on a bench, exactly as he predicted in this last "presage" written by him.

This is an amazing quatrain evidencing that when a Nostradamus quatrain is converted to numbers it clearly shows the year of his death and here twice spell the amount of 3444 Crowns, his recorded fortune after death. As he put it in the first sentence; the royal or crown income put in place or saved and for this number of 3444 to be repeated it would be a far fetched coincidence.

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