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 Judgment Day

Nostradamus Code Revealed

Benoit d'Andrimont


These are the letters addressed by Nostradamus to his son Caesar dedicating the first seven Centuries of his quatrains and to Henri II, King of France, dedicating the last three Centuries of his quatrains, completing the thousand. Foremost, it is the content of these letters that lead me to the computation and discovery of the Nostradamus code intended by him.

By the way the letters are written, it is believed these were intended for future generations and a future and famous leader of France, likely in the year 2065. The future events described in the letter to Henri II are set intentionally out of sequence by Nostradamus, it is only upon dating Nostradamus quatrains pertaining to this events that one could set them in proper chronological order.

Nostradamus strongly emphasize on the fact that his predictions were made through divine gift of inspiration from the Immortal God the Creator and nothing related to any occult science.

These letters are in their original French with English translation and not an interpretation, as most scholars have ventured to wrongly do, some sentences are followed by my comments leading to perhaps a better understanding. The translated grammar and punctuation are as close as possible to the original, which in the 16th century were at their embryonic stage, the text may be sometime hard to read but the purpose is to keep the integrity of Nostradamus writings. 








Povr icelle souueraine obseruation que i'ay eu, ô tres-chrestien & tres-victorieux Roy, depuis que ma face estant long temps obnubilee se presente au deuant de la deité de vostre Maiesté immesuree, depuis en ça i'ay esté perpetuellement esblouy, ne desistant de honnorer & dignement venerer iceluy iour que premierement deuant icelle ie me presentay, comme a vne singuliere maiesté tant humaine.

Because of the royal audience that I had, O most Christian and most victorious King, ever since my long-beclouded face first presented itself before the immeasurable deity of your Majesty, I have remained perpetually dazzled, not resisting to honor and venerate worthily that day when I first presented myself before so excellent Majesty and so humane.

Or cherchant quelque occasion par laquelle ie peusse manifester le bon coeur & franc courage que moyenant iceluy mon pouuoir eusse faict ample extension de cognoissance enuers vostre serenissime maiesté.

Now in searching for some occasion on which I would be able to manifest the good heart and frank courage, by means of which my ability would have made ample extension of knowledge toward your most Serene Majesty.

Or voyant que par effects le declairer ne m'estoit possible, ioint auec mon singulier desir de ma tant longue obtenebration & obscurité, estre subitement esclarcie & transportee au deuant de la face du souuerain oeil, & du premier monarque de l'vniuers, tellement que i'ay esté en doute longuement  qui ie viendrois consacrer ces trois Century du restant de mes Propheties, paracheuant la milliade & apres auoir eu longuement cogité d'vne temeraire audace ay prins mô addresse enuers vostre ma iesté, n'estant pour cela estonne, comme raconte, le grauissime aucteur Plutarque en la vie de Lycurgue, que voyant les offres & presens qu'on faisoit par sacrifices aux temples des dieux immortels d’iceluy temps, & a celle fin que l'on ne s'estonnast par trop souuent desdictes fraiz & mises ne s'osoyent presenter aux temples.

But perceiving how in effect it is not possible for me to declare myself, together with my singular desire from my very long-beclouded obscurity, to be suddenly enlighten and transported in front face to face of the sovereign sight, and of the premier monarch of the universe (Alluding to the premier Monarch of the Universe and most victorious King is quite strong and leads to believe that this epistle is likely addressed to a future World leader, particularly considering the fact that the current King was to die soon in 1559 in a jousting combat game, that is not at all presaged in this epistle), for as so much I have been long in doubt as to whom I would dedicate these three remaining Centuries of my Prophecies completing the thousand. And after having cogitated for a long time upon rash audacity, I have presumed to address your Majesty, as one not having been astonished, as those mentioned by that most grave author Plutarch, in the life of Lycurgus, who on seeing the offerings and presents made as sacrifices in the temples of the immortal gods of that era, and that attributing too often an importance to such donations did not dare present anything at all in the temples.

Ce nonobstant voyant vostre splendeur Royalle, accompagnee d'vne incomparable humanité ay prins mon addresse, non comme aux Roys de Perse, qu'il n'estoit nullement permis d'aller a eux, ny moins s'en approcher. Mais, a vn tresprudent, a vn tressage Prince, i'ay consacré mes nocturnes & prophetiques supputations, composees plustost d'vn naturel instinct, accompagné d'vne fureur poëtique, que par reigle de poësie, & la pluspart composé & accordé a la calculation Astronomique, correspondant aux ans, moys & sepmaines des regions, contrees, & de la pluspart des villes & cirez de toute l'Europe, comprenant de l'Affrique, & vne partie de l'Asie par le changement des regions, qui s'approchent la plus part de tous ces climats, & composé d'vne naturelle faction: respondra quelqu'vn qui auroit bien besoin de soy moucher, la rithme estre autant facile, comme l'intelligence du sens est difficile.

Nevertheless, seeing your royal splendor, accompanied by an incomparable humanity, I have seized my opportunity to address, not as to those Kings of Persia, to whom one could neither be permitted to stand before, nor to approach(Referencing to the Kings of Persia may be a hint as to the great future conflict facing the great world leader to whom this epistle is intended). But it is to a most prudent and most wise Prince that I have dedicated my nocturnal and prophetic calculations, composed rather out of a nutural instinct, accompanied by a poetic frenzy, than according to the rules of poetry, and for the most part composed in accordance to astronomical calculations, corresponding to the years, months and weeks of the regions, countries, and the majority of towns and cities of all Europe, including of Africa, and a part of Asia through the changes of regions, which for most relate to all these locations, and composed by a natural faculty: someone will answer, who would do well to blow his nose, that the rhythm is as easy as the comprehension of the meaning is difficult.

Et pource, ô tres-humanissime Roy, la plus part des quatrains prophetiques sont tellement sçabreux, que l'on n'y sçauroit donner voye n'y moins aucuns interpreter, toutesfois esperant de laisser par escrit les ans, villes, citez, regions ou la plus part aduiendra, mesmes de l'annee 1585. & de l'annee 1606. accommençant depuis le temps present, qui est le 14. de Mars, 1557. & passant outre bien loing iusques a l'aduenement, qui sera apres au commencement du septiesme millenaire profondement supputé, tât que mon calcul astronomique & autre sçauoir s'a peu estendre, ou les aduersaires de Iesus Christ & de son eglise, commenceront plus fort de pulluler, le tout a esté composé & calculé en iours& heures d'election & bien disposees, & le plus iustement, qu'il ma esté possible.

And for such, O most humane King, most of the prophetic quatrains are so rugged that one would not know how to make way through them, nor even less interpret them, however, hoping to leave in writing the years, towns, cities, regions where most (of the events) will come to pass, even those of the year 1585 and of the year 1606, beginning from the present time, which is the fourteenth of March, 1557, and passing far beyond to the coming advent, which will be after in the beginning of the seventh millennium, profoundly reckoned, as far as my astronomical calculations and other knowledge has allowed this to extend, when the adversaries of Jesus Christ and his Church will begin to strongly increase, the whole has been composed and calculated in appointed days and hours and well-disposed and the most accurately as was possible to me.

Et le tout Minerua libera , et non inuita , supputant presque autant des aduentures du temps aduenir, comme des eages passez, comprenant de present, & de ce que par le cours du temps par toutes regiôs l'on cognoistra aduenir tout ainsi nommement comme il est escrit, n'y meslant rien de superflu, combien que l'on die: Quod de futuris non est determinata omnino veritas.

And all when Minerva was free, and not unfavorable, calculating almost as many events of the future, as from passed eras, including from present, and out of which through the course of time through all regions, they will know to happen, all exactly as it is written, without mixing any superfluous, although soma may say: Concerning the future there can be no entirely determined truth.

Il est bien vray, Sire, que pour mon naturel instinct qui m'a esté donné par mes auites ne cuidant presager, & presager adioustant & accordant iceluy naturel instinct auec ma longue supputation vny, & vuidant l'ame, l'esprit, & le courage de toute cure, solicitude, & fascherie par repos & tranquilité de l'esprit. Le tout accordé & presagé l'vne partie tripode aeneo.

It is quite true, Sire, that for my natural instinct which has been given to me by my ancestors, not thinking to predict, and adapting to predict and reconciling this natural instinct with my long calculations as one, and freeing the soul, the spirit and the mind from all thought, perplexity, and vexation through rest and tranquillity of the spirit. All of these concurred and predicted the one part (by) tripod aeneo. (The word "aeneo" has no translation but could be some sort of anagram, likely "annee", "ano" meaning date year.)

Combien qu'ils sont plusieurs qui m'attribuent ce qu'est autant a moy, comme de ce que n'en est rien, Dieu seul eternel, qui est perscrutateur des humains courages pie, iuste, & misericordieux, en est le vray iuge, auquel ie prie qu'il me vueille defendre de la calomnie des meschants, qui voudroyent aussi calomnieusement s'enquerir pour quelle cause tous vos antiquissimes progeniteurs Roys de France ont guery des escrouelles, & des autres nations ont guery de la morsure des serpens, les autres ont eu certain instinct de l'art diuinatrice, & d'autres cas qui seroyent longs icy a racompter.

Although there are several who attribute to me that which is as much mine, as that is not mine at all, Eternal God alone, who is the thorough searcher of human minds, pious, just and merciful, is the true judge of it, to whom I pray the will to defend me from the calumny of the wicked, who would likewise, calumniously want to inquire by what means all your ancient progenitors, Kings of France, have cured the scrofula, and from other nations that have cured the bite of serpents, from others that have had certain instinct in the divination art, and other cases which would be long to recite here.

Ce nonobstant ceux a qui la malignité de l'esprit malin ne sera comprins par le cours du temps apres la terrene mienne extinction, plus sera mon escrit qu'a mon viuant, ce pendant si a ma supputation des ages ie faillois on ne pourroit estre selon la volonté d'aucuns. Plaira a vostre plus qu'imperialle maiesté me pardonner, protestant deuant Dieu & ses Saincts, que ie ne pretends de mettre rien quelconque par escrit en la presente epistre, qui soit contre la vraye foy Catholique, conferant les calculations Astronomiques, iouxte mon sçauoir: car l'espace du temps de nos premiers, qui nous ont precedez sont tels, me remettant sous la correction du plus sain iugement, que le premier homme Adam, fut deuant Noé enuiron mille deux cens quarante deux ans, ne computant les temps par la supputation des Gentils, comme a mis par escrit Varron: mais tant seulement selon les sacrees Escriptures, & selon la foiblesse de mon esprit, en mes calculations Astronomiques.

(1st Chronology)

Notwithstanding those to whom the malignity of evil spirit will not be contained by the course of time after my early extinction, more will be of my writings than during my lifetime, however, should I err into my calculations of the ages, it will be of not anyone fault, may it please your More Than Imperial Majesty to pardon me, protesting before God and his Saints that I have no pretensions toward putting anything in the writing of the present Epistle, that might be against the true Catholic faith, conferring the Astronomical calculations, contiguous to my knowledge: for the distance of time since our primeval, who preceded us is such, submitting myself to correction by the most sane judgment, that the first man, Adam, was before Noah approximately one thousand two hundred and forty two years, not reckoning the time by the calculations of the Gentiles, as set in the writings of Varro: but solely and totally according to the Holy Scriptures, and according to my feeble spirit, within my Astronomical calculations.

Apres Noé, de luy & de l'vniuersel deluge, vint Abraham enuiron mille huictante ans, lequel a esté souuerain Astrologue, selon aucuns, il inventa premier les lettres Chaldeiques: apres vint Moyse enuiron cinq cens quinze ou seize ans, & entre le temps de Dauid & Moyse, ont esté cinq cens septante ans la enuiron. Puis apres entre le temps de Dauid, & le temps de nostre sauueur & redempteur Iesus Christ, n'ay de l'vnique vierge, ont esté (selon aucuns Cronographes) mille trois cens cinquâte ans: pourra obiecter quelqu'vn cette supputation n'estre veritable, pource qu'elle differe a celle d'Eusebe. Et depuis le temps de l'humaine redemption iusques a la seduction detestable des Sarrazins ont esté six cens vingt & vn an, la enuiron, depuis en ca l'on peut facilement colliger quels temps sont passez, si la mienne supputation n'est bonne & valable par toutes nations, pource que le tout a esté calculé par le cours celeste, par association d'esmotion infuse a certaines heures delaissees, par l'esmotion de mes antiques progeniteurs.

After Noah, of him and the universal flood, came Abraham, about one thousand and eighty years, who was a sovereign Astrologer, according to someone, he invented first the Chaldean alphabet: after came Moses, about five hundred fifteen or five hundred sixteen years, and between the time of David and Moses, there were around five hundred and seventy years. Then after, between the time of David and the time of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, born of the unique Virgin, have elapsed (according to some Chronographers) one thousand three hundred and fifty years: it could be objected that this calculation cannot be right, because it differs from that of Eusebius. And from the time of the human redemption until the detestable seduction of the Saracens, have elapsed six hundred and twenty one years, thereabouts, from which one can easily add up the amount of time gone by, although if my calculations are not good and valid for all nations is because the total has been calculated by the celestial course, by association of emotion infused at certain hours of abandonment, by the emotion of my old ancesters.

(Totaling all the above times up to Jesus Christ we arrive to 4,758 years, or year zero of our contemporary calendar. The 621 years thereafter, correspond to the birth of Islam through the Prophet Muhammad on the year 622)

Mais l'iniure du temps, ô serenissime Roy, requiert que tels secrets euenemens ne soyent manifestez, que par aenigmatique sentence, n'ayant qu'vn seul sens, & vnique intelligence, sans y auoir rien mis d'ambigue n'amphibologique calculation: mais plustost sous obnubilee obscurité par vne naturelle infusion approchant a la sentence d'vn des mille & deux Prophetes, qui ont esté depuis la creation du monde, iouxte la supputation & Chronique punique de Ioël, Effundam spiritum meum super omnem carnem & prophetabunt filij vestri , & filiae vestrae.

But the injustice of time, O Most Serene King, requires that such secret events should not be made manifest except in enigmatic sentences, having however only one sense, and unique meaning, without having put anything of ambiguity nor doubtful calculation: but rather kept under a cloudy obscurity by a natural infusion approaching to the sentence of one of the one thousand and two Prophets, who have existed since the creation of the world, according with the calculation and Punic Chronicle of Joel: I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy.

(The mention of "approaching the sentence of the 1002 Prophets" may eventually allude to the number of his prophetic quatrains as well as the near 998 years that separates the Jewish calendar from the one used here by Nostradamus.)

Mais telle Prophetie procedoit de la bouche du Sainct Esprit, qui estoit la souueraine puissance eternelle, adioincte auec la celeste a d'aucuns de ce nombre ont predit de grandes & emerueillables aduentures: Moy en cest endroict ie ne m'attribue nullement tel tiltre, la a Dieu ne plaise, ie confesse bien que le tout vient de Dieu, & luy en rends graces, honneur, & loüange immortelle, sans y auoir meslé de la diuination que prouient a fato : mais a Deo , a natura , & la pluspart accompaignee du mouuement du cours celeste, tellement que voyant comme dans vn miroüer ardant, comme par vision obnubilee, les grands euenemens tristes, prodigeux, & calamiteuses aduentures qui s'approchent par les principaux culteurs.

But such Prophecy proceeded from the mouth of the Holy Ghost, who has been the sovereign and eternal power, in association with the celestial to some from this tally have predicted great and marvelous events: as for myself in this, I by no means would ever assign such a title to myself, God forbid, indeed, I readily confess that all emanates from God, and to him rend thanks, honor and undying praise, without having mixed therein any divination proceeding to presumptuousness: but to God, and to nature, and for the most part accompanied by movements of the celestial course, just like looking into a burning mirror, as through clouded vision, the great events, sad, prodigious, and calamitous happenings that approach toward the principal worshipers.

Premierement des temples de Dieu, secondement par ceux qui sont terrestrement soustenus s'approcher telle decadence, auecques mille autres calamiteuses aduentures, que par le cours du temps on cognoistra aduenir: car Dieu regardera la longue sterilité de la grand dame, qui puis apres conceura deux enfans principaux: mais elle periclitant, celle qui luy sera adioustee par la temerité de l'aage de mort periclitant dedans le dixhuictiesme, ne pouuant passer le trente-sixiesme qu'en delaissera trois masles, & vne femelle, & en aura deux, celuy qui n'en eut iamais d'vn mesme pere, de trois freres seront telles differences, puis vnies & accordees, que les trois & quatre parties de l'Europe trembleront: par le moindre d'aage sera la monarchie Chrestienne soustenue & augmentee: sectes esleuees, & subitement abaissees, Arabes reculez, Royaumes vnis, nouuelles Loix promulguees: des autres enfans le premier occupera les Lions furieux couronnez, tenans les pattes dessus les armes intrepidez.

First upon the temples of God, secondly, upon those who are sustained by the earth, approach such decadence, with a thousand other calamitous happenings, that through the course of time will be known to come: for God will look upon the long sterility of the great lady, who then afterwards will conceive two principal infants: but she being in peril, she which to whom will be adjoined by the fear of the age of death being in peril within the eighteenth, unable to pass the thirty-sixth that will leave three males, and one female, and will have two, the one which will not ever had from one same father, between the three brothers there will be such differences, then united and in agreement, that the three and four parts of Europe will tremble: by the youngest in age will be sustained and augmented the Christian Monarchy: elevated sects, and suddenly abased, Arabs retreated, Kingdoms united, new Laws promulgated: of the other infants the first will occupy the fierce crowned Lions, holding the paws over the fearless (coat of) arms.

Le second se profondera si auant par les Latins accompagné, que sera faicte la seconde voye tremblante & furibonde au mont Iouis descendant pour monter aux Pyrennees, ne sera translatee a l'antique monarchie, sera faiste la troisiesme innondation de sang humain, ne se trouuera de long temps Mars en Caresme.

The second will penetrate so deep ahead into the Latins associated, that the second trembling path will be made, and ferocious to the mount Iouis descending to climb to the Pyrenees, will not be transferred to the ancient monarchy, will be made the third inundation of human blood, will not find Mars fasting for a long time.

Et sera donnee la fille par la conseruation de l'Eglise Chrestienne, tombant son dominateur a la paganisme secte des nouueaux infideles, elle aura deux enfans, l'vn de fidelité, & l'autre d'infidelité par la confirmation de l'eglise catholique. Et l'autre qui a sa grande confusion & tarde repentance la voudra ruiner, seront trois regions par l'extreme difference des ligues, c'est assauoir la Romaine, la Germanie, l'Espaigne, qui feront diuerses sectes par main militaire, delaissant le 50. & 52. degrez de hauteur, & feront tous hommaige des regions loingtaines aux regions de l'Europe de Septentrion de 48. degrez d'hauteur, qui premier par vaine timidité tremblera, puis les plus occidentaux, meridionaux & orientaux trembleront, telle sera leur puissance, que ce qui se fera par concorde & vnion insuperable des conquestes belliques. De nature seront esgaux: mais grandement differentz de foy.

And the daughter will be given through the preservation of the Christian Church, her lord falling into the pagan sect of the new infidels, she will have two children, one faithful, and the other unfaithful by the ratification of the Catholic Church. And the other, who to his great confusion and later repentance, will want to ruin her, will be three regions by the extreme difference of the contracted alliances, to wit the Roman, the German, and Spain, which will make diverse sects by military hand, abandoning the 50th and 52nd degree of latitude, and will all render homage to the far regions of Northern Europe from 48 degrees latitude, which first by vain timidity will tremble, then the more Westerners, Southerners and Easterners will tremble, such will be their power, that what will be forged by concord and union invincible to warlike conquests. In nature they will be equal: but extremely different in faith.

Apres cecy la Dame sterille de plus grande puissance que la seconde sera receüe par deux peuples, par le premier obstiné par celuy qui a eu puissance sur tous, par le deuxiesme & par le tiers qui estendra ses forces vers le circuit de l'Orient, de l'Europe aux Pannons l'a profligé & succombé & par voyle marine fera ses extensions a la Trinacrie Adriatique, par Mirmidon & Germaniques du tout succombé, & sera la secte Barbarique du tout des Latins grandement affligee & dechassee.

After this the sterile Lady of greater power than the second, will be received by two nations, by the first resolute by the one who had power over all of them, by the second and by the third (class) which will extend its forces toward the areas of the Orient, from Europe to the Pannonians (Eastern Europe) to have overwhelmed and failed and by maritime sail will make its extension to the Adriatic Trinacrie (Sicily), through the Balkans and the Germans having from all of it failed, and the Barbarian sect will be greatly afflicted and expelled from all the Latins.

Puis le grand Empire de l'Antechrist commencera dans la Atila & Zerses descendre en nombre grand & innumerable; tellement que la venue du Sainct Esprit, procedant du 48. degré fera transmigrastion, deschassant a l'abomination de l'Antechrist, faisant guerre contre le royal qui sera le grand vicaire de Iesus-Christ, & contre son eglise, & son regne per tempus, & in occasione temporis, & precedera deuant vn eclypse solaire le plus obscur, & le plus tenebreux, qui soit esté depuis creation du monde iusques a la mort & passion de Iesus-Christ, & de la iusques icy, & sera au moys d'Octobre que quelque grande translation sera faite, & telle que l'on cuydera la pesanteur de la terre auoir perdu son naturel mouuement, & estre abismee en perpetuelles tenebres, seront precedans au temps vernal, & s'en ensuyuant apres d'extremes changemens, permutations de regnes, par grands tremblemens de terre, auec pullulation de la neufue Babylonne fille miserable augmentee par l'abomination du premier holocauste, & ne tiendra tant seulement septante trois ans, sept moys, puis apres en sortira du tige celle qui auoit demeuré tant long temps sterile, procedant du cinquantiesme degre, qui renouuellera toute l'eglise Chrestienne.

Then the great Empire of the Antichrist will begin, where Attila and Xerces descended, in numbers great and countless: so many that the coming of the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the 48th degree, will change place, chasing the abomination of the Antichrist, making war against the royal who will be the great Vicar of Jesus Christ, and against his Church, and his temporal reign, and in opportune time, and will be preceded by a solar eclipse more obscure, and more dark, than any since creation of the world until the death and passion of Jesus Christ, and from there till here, and will be in the month of October that some great alteration will be made, and such that one will think that the Earth field has lost its natural movement, and be plunged into perpetual darkness, will be before spring time, and following thereafter with extreme changes, reversals of kingdoms, by mighty earthquakes, with increase of the new Babylon, the miserable daughter, augmented by the abominations of the first Holocaust, and it will hold only seventy three years , seven months, thereafter will it issue forth from the stock which had for so long remained sterile, proceeding from the 50th degree, one who will renew the whole Christian Church.

Et sera faicte grande paix, vnion & concorde entre vns des enfans des frons esgarez, & separez par diuers regnes, & sera faicte telle paix que demeurera attaché au plus profond baratre le suscitateur & promoteur de la martiale faction par la diuersité des religieux & sera vny le Royaume du Rabieux: qui contrefera le sage. Et les contrees villes, citez, regnes, & prouinces qui auront delaissé les premieres voyes pour se deliurer se captiuant plus profondement seront secrettement fachez de leur liberté, & parfaicte religion perdue, commenceront de frapper dans la partie gauche, pour tourner a la dextre, & remettant la saincteté profligee de long temps auec leur pristin escrit, qu'apres le grand chien sortira le plus gros mastin, qui fera destruction de tout, mesmes de ce qu'au parauant sera esté perpetré, seront redressez les temples comme au premier temps, & sera restitué le clerc a son pristin estat, & commencera  meretricquer & luxurier, faire & commettre mille forfaicts.

And great peace will be made, union and concord between the children of diversity strayed and separated by diverse reigns, and will be such peace that the instigator and promoter of the military factions (born) from the diversity of the religious, will remain tied to the deepest pit, and will be united the kingdom of the Fanatic, who will counterfeit the wise. And the lands, towns, cities, kingdoms, and provinces who will have abandoned their first ways to gain liberty, enslaved themselves more profoundly will be secretly angered of their freedom, perfect religion lost, will begin to stride to the left party, to return to the right, and replacing the sanctity overcome long ago with their pristine scriptures: that after the great dog, will send forth the largest of mastiffs, who will cause destruction of all, even of what had in the beginning been perpetrated, temples will be reset as in the first times, and the priest will be restored to his original position, and will begin to be promiscuous and luxurious, do and commit a thousand offenses.

Et estant proche d'vne autre desolation, par lors qu'elle sera a sa plus haute & sublime dignité se dresseront de potentats & mains militaires, & luy seront ostez les deux glaiues, & ne luy demeurera que les enseignes, desquelles par moyen de la curuature qui les attire, le peuple le faisant aller droict, & ne voulant se condescendre a eux par le bout opposite de la main aygu touchant terre voudront stimuler iusques a ce que naistra d'vn rameau de la sterille, de long temps, qui deliurera le peuple vniuers de celle seruitude benigne & volontaire, soy remettant a la protection de Mars spoliant Iupiter de tous ses honneurs & dignitez, pour la cité libre, constituee & assise dans vne autre exigue mezopotamie,

And being close to another desolation, when she will be at her most high and sublime dignity will rise from potentates and military hands, and will take away from her the two swords, and remaining to her only the ensigns, from which by mean of the curvature that attracts them, the people making it to go lawfully, and not willing to submit itself to them by the opposite extreme of the piercing hand touching the earth, they will want to instigate until there will be one born from a branch long barren, who will deliver the world people from a meek and voluntary slavery, placing himself under the protection of Mars, stripping Jupiter of all his honors and dignities, for the free city, established and seated in another tiny Mesopotamia.

Et sera le chef, & gouuerneur iecté du milieu, & mis au haut lieu de l'ayr ignorant la conspiration des coniurateurs, auec le second trasibulus, qui de long temps aura manié tout cecy: alors les immundicitez, les abominations seront par grande honte obiectees & manifestees aux tenebres de la lumiere obtenebree, cessera deuers la fin du changement de son regne, & les chefs de l'Eglise seront en arriere de l'amour de Dieu, & plusieurs d'entre eux apostatseront de la vraye foy, & des trois sectes, celle du milieu, par les culteurs d'icelle sera vn peu mis en decadence. La prime totallement par l'Europe, la plus part de l'Affrique exterminee de la tierce, moyennant les pauures d'esprit, qui par inssez esleuez par la luxure libidineuse adultereront.

And the chief and governor will be cast out from the middle, and put in the high place of the air, ignoring the conspiracy of the plotters, with the second Thrasibulus (representing the middle and lower class people), who for a long time will have directed all this: then the impurities, the abominations will be by great shame brought to light and publicized in the gloom of the cover up of truth, will cease toward the end of the change (term) of his reign, and the leaders of the Church will be backward in their love of God, and several of them will apostatize from the true faith, and of the three sects, the one in the middle, because of its own partisan worshipers, will be somewhat thrown in decadence. The first one totally by all of Europe, most part of Africa cast out from the third, by means of the poor in spirit, who aroused by madmen, elevated through the incontinent luxury will adulterate.

La plebe se leuera soustenant, dechassera les adherans des legislateurs, & semblera que les regnes affoiblis par les Orientaux que Dieu le createur aye deslié Satan des prisons infernalles, pour faire naistre le grand Dog & Dogam, lesquels feront si grande fraction abominable aux Eglises, que les rouges ne les blancs sans yeux ne sans mains plus n'en iugeront. Et leur sera ostee leur puissance alors sera faicte plus de persecution aux Eglises, que ne fut iamais, & sur ces entrefaictes naistra la pestilence si grande, que des trois pars du monde plus que les deux defaudront. Tellement qu'on ne se sçaura ne cognoistra les appartenans des champs & maisons, & naistra l'herbe par les ruës des cités plus haute que les genoux.

The supporting mob will rise up and chase out the adherents of the legislators, and will seem that the realms weakened by the Easterners that God the Creator has loosed Satan from the prisons of hell, to give birth to the great Dog and Dogam, who will make such a great and abominable breach in the Churches that neither the reds nor the whites without eyes nor without hands (powers) will any longer give judgment over them. And their powers will be taken away from them, then will be made more persecution to the Churches, as never before seen, and in the meantime there will appear so vast a plague that of three parts of the world more than the two will decay. So many that no one will know or be able to determine the true owners of fields and houses, and the weeds in the city streets will come up higher than the knees.

Et au clergé sera faicte totalle desolation, & vsurperont les Martiaulx ce que sera retourné de la cité du Soleil de Melite, & des isles Stechades, & sera ouuerte la grâde cheyne du port qui prend sa denomination au boeuf marin. Et sera faite nouuelle incursion par les maritimes plages, vollant le sault Castulum deliurer de la premiere reprise Mahumetane. Et ne seront du tout leurs assaillemens vains, & au lieu que iadis fut l'habitation d'Abraham, sera assaillie par personnes qui auront en veneration les Iouialistes. Et icelle cité de Achem sera enuironnee & assaillie de toutes parts en tresgrande puissance de gens d'armes. Seront affoiblies leurs forces maritimes par les occidentaulx, & a ce regne sera faicte grande desolation, & les plus grandes citez seront depeuplees, & ceux qui entreront dedans, seront comprins a la vengeance de l'yre de Dieu. Et demeurera le sepulchre de tant grande veneration par l'espace de long temps soubz le serain  l'vniverselle vision des yeulx du ciel, du Soleil, & de la Lune, & sera conuerty le lieu sacré en ebergement de troupeau menu & grand, & adapté en substances prophanes.

And to the clergy there shall be total desolation, and the warlords will usurp what will be returned from the City of the Sun from Malta and from the Stechades Isles, and will be opened the great chain of the port that takes its name from the marine ox (Marseilles), and a new incursion will be made through the maritime shores, wanting the assault to deliver Sierra Morena from the first Muslim resumption. And their assaults will not at all be in vain, and the place which was once the abode of Abraham, will be assaulted by persons who will hold the Jovialist in veneration. And this city of Achem (Jerusalem) will be surrounded and assaulted on all sides by a powerful force of warriors. Their maritime forces will be weakened by the Westerners, and great desolation will fall upon this realm, and the greatest cities will be depopulated, and those who will enter within, will be included under the vengeance of the wrath of God. And will remain the sepulcher of such great veneration for the space of a long time under the open weather exposed to the universal vision of heaven, the Sun and of the Moon, and the holy place will be converted into a stable of herd small and large, and fitted with profane substances.

O quelle calamiteuse affliction sera par lors aux femmes enceintes, & sera par lors du principal chef oriental la plus part esmeu par les septentrionaukx & occidentaux vaincu, & mis a mort, profligez, & le reste en fuite, & ses enfans de plusieurs femmes emprisonnez, & par lors sera accomplie la prophetie du Royal Prophete: Vt audiret gemitus compeditorum , vt solueret filios interemptorum, quelle grande oppression que par lors sera faicte sus les princes et gouuerneurs des royaumes, mesmes de ceux qui seront maritimes & orientaux, & leurs langues entremeslees a grande societé, la langue des Latins & des Arabes par la communication punique, & seront tous ces Roys orientaux chassez profligez, exterminez, non du tout par le moyen des forces des Roys d'Aquilon, & par la proximité de nostre siecle par moyen des trois vnys secrettement cerchant la mort, & insidies par embusches l'vn de l'autre, & durera le renouuellement de triumuirat sept ans, que la renommee de telle secte fera son estendue par l'vnivers & sera soubstenu le sacrifice de la saincte & immaculee hostie, & seront lors les Seigneurs deux en nombre d'Aquilon, victorieux sur les orientaux, & sera en iceux faict si grand bruict & tumulte bellique, que tout iceluy orient tremblera de l’effrayeur d'iceux freres non freres Aquilonaires.

Oh what a calamitous affliction will then befall pregnant women, and will be then from the principal Eastern chief most of them stirred up by the Northerners and Westerners vanquished, and put to death, overwhelmed , and the remaining running away, and his children of many women imprisoned, and by then the prophecy of the Royal Prophet will be accomplished: let him hear the groaning of the captives, that he might deliver the children of those doomed to die, what a great oppression that then will be made upon the princes and governors of kingdoms, same on the maritime and eastern ones, and their language intermixed to great fellowship, the language of the Latins and of the Arabs by the North African common interchange, and all these eastern Kings will be driven away, overwhelmed and exterminated, not altogether by means of the forces from the Kings of the North, and by the proximity of our century, by means of the three united secretly seeking death, and opportunity through ambushes, one against the other, and the renewal of the Triumvirate shall last for seven years, that the fame of such a sect will spread through the world and will be upheld the sacrifice of the holy and immaculate host, and then will the lords, two in number of the North, be victorious over the Easterners, and in these deeds will be made such rumble and warlike tumult, that all this East will tremble with fear of those brothers yet not brothers of the North.

Et pource, Sire, que par ce discours ie metz presque confusement ces predictions & quand ce pourra estre & l'aduenement d'iceux, pour le denombrement du temps que s'ensuit, qu'il n'est nullement ou bien peu conforme au superieur: lequel tant par voye astronomique, que par autre, mesme des sacrees escritures, qui ne peuuent faillir nullement, que si ie voulois a vn chacun quatrain mettre le denombrement du temps se pourroit faire: mais a tous ne seroit aggreable, ne moins les interpreter iusques a ce, Sire, que vostre maiesté m'aye octroyé ample puissance pour ce faire, pour ne donner cause aux calumniateurs de me mordre.

And therefore, Sire, through this discourse I present these predictions almost in confusion, and as to when this can be and will take place, for the enumeration of time which follows, conforms very little, if at all to the upper, which as well as by astronomical means, than by other, even of the Holy Scriptures, that cannot err at all, that if I had wanted to give each quatrain the enumeration of time, I could have done so, but it would not have been agreeable to all, least of all to interpret them, Sire, until your Majesty granted me sufficient power to do so, in order not to give reason to the calumniators to carp at me.

Toutesfois comptans les ans depuis la creation du monde, iusques a la naissance de Noë, sont passez mille cinq cens & six ans, & depuis la naissance de Noë iusques a la parfaicte frabrication de l'arche, approchant de l'vniuerselle mondation, passerent six cens ans si les dons estoyent solitaires ou lunaires, ou de dix mixtions, ie tiens ce que les sacrees escriptures tiennent qui estoyent Solaires. Et a la fin d'iceux six ans Noë entra dans l'arche, pour estre sauué du deluge, & fut iceluy deluge, vniuersel sus la terre, & dura vn an & deux mois. Et depuis la fin du deluge iusques a la natiuité d'Abraham, passa le nombre des ans de deux cens nonante cinq. Et depuis la natiuité d'Abraham iusques a la natiuité d'Isaac, passerent cent ans. Et depuis Isaac iusques  Iacob, soixante ans, des l'heure qu'il entra en Egypte, iusques a l'yssue d'iceluy passerent cent trente ans. Et depuis l'entrée de Iacob en Egypte iusques a l'issue d'iceluy, passerent quatre cens trente ans. Et depuis l'yssue d'Egypte iusques a l'edification du temple faicte par Salomon au quatriesme an de son regne, passerent quatre cens octante ou quatre vingts ans. Et depuis l'edification du temple iusques a Iesus Christ selon la supputation des hierographes, passerent quatre cens nonante ans. Et ainsi par ceste supputation que i'ay faicte colligee par les sacrees lettres sont enuiron quatre mille cent septante trois ans, & huict mois, peu ou moins.

(Second Chronology)

Anyway, counting the years from the creation of the world up to the birth of Noah as being one thousand five hundred and six years, and from the birth of Noah up to the complete construction of the Arch, nearing the Great Flood, passed six hundred years, let the given be unique, or lunar, or a mixture of the ten, I hold that the sacred scriptures held that they were Solar. And at the end of these six hundred years, Noah entered inside the Ark, to be saved from the deluge, and this universal deluge over the Earth lasted one year and two months. And from the end of the deluge up to the birth of Abraham, two hundred ninety five years elapsed. And from the birth of Abraham up to the birth of Isaac, one hundred years elapsed. And from Isaac to Jacob sixty years: from the time he entered into Egypt up to when he left, one hundred thirty years passed. And from the entry of Jacob into Egypt up to the Exodus four hundred thirty years passed. And from the exodus out of Egypt up to the building of the Temple by Salomon in the fourth year of his reign, there elapsed four hundred eighty years. And from the building of the Temple up to Jesus Christ, according to the calculations of the Hierographs, there passed four hundred ninety years. And so by this calculation that I have made, derived from the sacred writings, there are around four thousand one hundred seventy three years and eight month, more or less.

(The undisclosed and overlap of times between Jacob and Jacob entry in Egypt to exit and Jacob entry in Egypt up to the Exodus, could account for Nostradamus calculating a different total of 4,173 years and 8 months instead of the real total of the TEN numbers equaling 4092 years and 2 months.)

(Totaling the above 10 Lunar periods converted in Solar years, as Nostradamus suggest, we arrive to 3,408 years, 1,350 years less than the first chronology of this Epistle.)

Or de Iesus Christ en ça par la diuersité des sectes, ie le laisse, & ayant supputé & calculé les presentes propheties, le tout selon l'ordre de la chaysne qui contient sa revolution, le tout par doctrine astonomique, & selon mon naturel instinct, & apres quelque temps & dans iceluy comprenant depuis le temps que Saturne qui tournera entrer a sept du mois d'Auril iusques au 25. d'Aoust, Iupiter a 14. de Iuin iusques au 7. d’Octobre, Mars depuis le 17. d'Auril, iusques au 22. de Iuing, Venus depuis le 9. d'Auril iusques au 22. de May, Mercure depuis le 3. de Feurier, iusques au 24. dudit. En apres le premier de Iuin iusques au 24. dudit, & du 25. de Septembre iusques au 16. d’Octobre, Saturne en Capricorne, Iupiter en Aquarius, Mars en Scorpion, Venus en Pisces, Mercure dans vn moys en Capricorne, Aquarius & Pisces, la lune en Aquarius, la teste du Dragon en Libra: la queue a son signe opposite suyuant vne conionction de Iupiter a Mercure, auec vn quadrin aspect de Mars a Mercure, & la teste du dragon sera auec vne conionction du Soleil  Iupiter, l'annee sera pacifique sans eclypse, & non du tout, & sera le commencement comprenant ce de ce que durera & commençant icelle annee sera faicte plus grande persecution a l'eglise Chrestienne que n'a esté faicte en Afrique, & durera ceste icy iusques, a l'an mil sept cens nonante deux que l'on cuydera estre vne renouation de siecle: apres commencera le peuple Romain de se redresser & deschasser quelques obscures tenebres, receuant quelque peu de leur pristine clarté non sans grande diuision & continuelz changemens.

Now, of Jesus Christ in that, by the diversity of sects, I leave it, and having reckoned and calculated the present prophecies, all according to the order of the chain which contains it’s cycle, all by astronomical doctrine, and according to my natural instinct, and after a while and within this comprising from the time when Saturn will turn to enter on seven of the month of April till 25 August, Jupiter on 14 June till 7 October, Mars from 17 April till 22 June, Venus from 9 April, till 22 May, Mercury from 3 February till the 24th(Some Benoit Rigaud editions have here the number 27 instead of 24). After that from first June till the 24th, and from 25 September till 16 October, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Aquarius, Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Pisces, Mercury about a month in Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, the Moon in Aquarius, the head of the Dragon in Libra: its tail in its opposite sign following a conjunction of Jupiter to Mercury with a quadrain aspect of Mars to Mercury, and the head of the Dragon will be a conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter: the year will be peaceful without and eclipse, but not everywhere, and will be the commencement including of what will long endure, and beginning that year will be made a greater persecution of the Christian Church than it has ever been experienced in Africa, and this will last from here till the year one thousand seven hundred ninety two, which they will believe to mark a new Age(Indeed 1792 was a year in which the French Revolution established a new calendar starting with year one. The two previous centuries were marred by wars of religions) : after the Roman people will begin to re-establish themselves, and to chase away some obscure shadows, recovering a bit of their ancient splendor, not without great division and continued changes.

Venise en apres en grande force & puissance leuera ses aysles si treshault, ne distant gueres aux forces de l'antique Rome, & en iceluy temps grandes voyles Bisantines associees aux ligustiques par l'appuy & puissance Aquilonaire donnera quelque empeschement que des deux Cretenses ne leur sera la Foy tenue. Les arcz edifiez par les antiques Marciaux, s'accompagneront aux undes de Neptune, en l'Adriatique sera faicte discorde grande, ce que sera uny sera separé, approchera de maison ce que paravant estoit & est grande cité comprenant le Pempotam la mesopotamie de l'Europe a quarante cinq & autres de quarante vng, quarantedeux, & trentesept, & dans iceluy temps & en icelles contrees la puissance infernalle mettra a l'encontre de l'Eglise de Iesus Christ la puissance des aduersaires de sa loy, qui sera le second Antechrist, lequel persecurera icelle eglise & son vray vicaire par moyen de la puissance des Roys temporelz, qui seront par leur ignorance seduitz par langues qui trencheront plus que nul glaiue entre les mains de l'insensé: le susdit regne de l'antechrist ne durera que iusques au definement de ce nay pres de l'aage & de l'autre a la cité de Plancus accompagnez de l'esleu de Modene Fulcy par Ferrare, maintenu par liguriens Adriaticques & de la proximité de la grande Trinacrie.

Venice afterward in great force and power will raise its wings so very high, not distancing much to the might of ancient Rome, and at that time great Byzantine sails associated with the Ligurian (Northwest Italy), and through the support and power of the North will give some impediment so that (to) the two Cretes (Maybe a reference to the two Sicily) the Trust will not be held. The arks built by the ancient Warriors, will accompany themselves to the waves of Neptune, in the Adriatic there will be made great discord, that which was united will be split apart, to a house will be reduced that which formerly was, and is a great city including the Pempotam (the United Kingdom) the mesopotamia of Europe (France) at 45 and other of 41, 42 and 37, and at that time and in those countries the infernal power will employ against the Church of Jesus Christ, the power of the adversaries of her law, which will be the second Antichrist, who will persecute that Church and its true Vicar by means of the power of temporal Kings, who in their ignorance will be seduced by tongues which will cut more than any sword in the hands of the madman: the said reign of the Antichrist will last only to the very end of that who was born near the age, and of the other one at the city of Plancus (Lyon) accompanied of the elected of Modone Fulcy (Modena, Italy) through Ferrara, maintained by the Adriatic Ligurians and of the proximity of the great Trinacrie (Sicily).

(The above paragraph seems to relate to the many revolutions that have shaken Europe and Italy during the mid to end of the 19th century, by the influence of Communism. However Venice lost its somewhat commercial importance at the end of the 18th century, so I believe this events to pertain to the future in the mid and second half of the 22nd century. The second Antichrist could allude to the birth and rebirth of Communism rule against the Church.)

Puis passera le mont Iouis. Le Gallique ogmium, accompagné de si grand nombre que de bien loing l'Empire de sa grande loy sera presenté & par lors & quelque temps apres sera espanché profuseement le sang des innocens par les nocens vng peu esleuez, alors par grands deluges la memoire des choses contenues de telz instrumens receura innumerable perte mesmes les lettres: qui sera deuers les Aquilonaires par la volonté diuine & entre vne foys lyé Satan. Et sera faicte Paix vniuerselle entre les humains: & sera deliuree l'eglise de Iesus Christ de toute tribulation, combien que par les Azoarains voudroit mesler dedans le miel du fiel, & leur pestifere seduction, & cela sera proche du septiesme millenaire que plus le sanctuaire de Iesus Christ ne sera conculqué par les infideles qui viendront de l'Aquillon, le monde approchant de quelque grande conflagration, combien que par mes supputations en mes propheties, le cours du temps aille beaucoup plus loing.

Then will cross the mount Iuos (St Bernard). The Gallic ogmium (leader), accompanied by such a great number that from far away the Empire of his great law will be presented and by then and some time thereafter the blood of the innocents will be spilled profusely by the guilty few elevated, then through great floods, the memory of things contained from such instruments will suffer incalculable loss, even the letters: which will be toward the Northern people by the Divine will, and in between Satan bound. And there will be established universal peace among humans: and the Church of Jesus Christ will be delivered from all tribulation, although that by the Azoarains (Philistines) would want to mix in the honey of bile, and their pestilent seduction, and this will be near the seventh millenary, when the sanctuary of Jesus Christ will no longer be oppressed by the Infidels who will come from the North, the world approaching of some great conflagration, although that by my calculations in my Prophecies, the course of time runs much further.

Dedans l'epistre que ces ans passez ay desdiée a mon fils Caesar Nostradamus, i'ay assez appertement declaré aucuns poincts sans presage.

In the Epistle that some years ago I dedicated to my son Caesar Nostradamus, I declared some points openly enough, without presage.

Mais icy, ô Sire, sont comprins plusieurs grands & merueillieux aduenemens, que ceux qui viendront apres le verront, & durant icelle supputation astrologique conferee aux sacrees lettres la persecution des gens Ecclesiastiques prendra son origine par la puissance des Roys Aquilonaires, vnis auec les Orientaux, & celle persecution durera unze ans quelque peu moins, que par lors defaillira le principal Roy Aquilonaire, lesquels ans accomplis suruiendra son vny Meridional, qui persecutera encore plus fort par l'espace de trois ans les gens d'eglise, par la seduction apostatique d'vn qui tiendra toute puissance absolue a l'eglise militante, & le sainct peuple de Dieu, obseruateur de sa loy, & tout ordre de religion sera grandement persecuté & affligé, tellement que le sang des vrais ecclesiastiques nagera par tout, & vn des horribles Rois temporels, par ses adherans luy seront donnes telles louanges, qu'il aura plus respandu de sang humain des innocens ecclesiastiques, que nul ne sçauroit auoir du vin,. & iceluy Roy commettra des forfaicts enuers leEglise incroyables, coulera le sang humain par les rues publiques & temples, comme l'eau par pluye impetueuse, & rougiront de sang les plus prochains fleuues, & par autre guerre naualle rougira la mer, que le rapport d'vn Roy a l'autre luy sera dit: Bellis rubuit naualibus aequor.

But here, Sire, are included several great and marvelous events, which those who will come after will see, and during this astrological computation conferred with the sacred letters, the persecution of the Ecclesiastical people will take its origin by the power of the Northern Kings, united with the Easterners, and this persecution will last eleven years somewhat less, for then the principal King of the North will fail. These years accomplished, his southern ally will arise, who will persecute even greater the people of the Church for the space of three years through apostatizing seduction by one who will hold absolute power in the militant Church, and the holy people of God, keepers of his law, and all religious order will be greatly persecuted and afflicted, in such a measure that the blood of the true Ecclesiastes will flow everywhere, and one of the horrible temporal Kings will be so highly praised by his adherents for having shed more human blood of innocent Ecclesiastes than anyone else could have of wine, and this King will commit incredible crimes against the Church, human blood will flow through the public streets and temples, like water after driving rain, reddening with blood the nearby rivers, and through another naval war he will cause the ocean to reddened, such that one King will say to another: Naval battles have caused the sea to blush.

Puis dans la mesme annee & les suyuantes s'en ensuyura la plus horrible pestilence, & la plus merueilleuse par la famine precedente, & si grandes tribulations que iamais soit aduenue telle depuis la premiere fondation de l'Eglise Chrestienne, & par toutes les regions Latines. Demeurant par les vestiges en aucunes contrees des Espaignes. Par lors le tiers Roy Aquilonaire entendant la plaincte du peuple de son principal tiltre, dressera si grande armee, & passera par les destroits de ses derniers auites & bisayeux, qui remettra la plus part en son estat, & le grand vicaire de la cappe sera remis en son pristin estat, mais desolé & puis du tout abandonné, & tournera estre Sancta Sanctorum, destruicte par paganisme, & le vieux & nouueau testament seront dechassez, & bruslez, en apres l'antechrist sera le prince infernal, encores par la derniere foy trembleront tous les Royaumes de la Chrestienté, & aussi des infideles, par l'espace de vingt cinq ans, & seront plus grieues guerres & batailles, & seront villes, citez, chasteaux, & tous autres edifices bruslez, desolez, destruits, auec grande effusion de sang vestal, mariees, & vefues violees, enfans de laict contre les murs des villes allidez ,& brisez, & tant de maux se commettront par le moyen de Satan, prince infernal, que presque le monde vniuersel se trouuera defaict & desolé, & auant iceux advenemens, aucuns oyseaux insolites crieront par l'air, Huy, huy , & seront apres quelques temps esuanouys, & apres que tel temps aura duré longuement, sera presque renouuellé vng autre regne de Saturne, & siecle d'or, Dieu le createur dira entendant l'affliction de son peuple, Satan sera mis, & lyé dans l'abysme du barathre dans la profonde fosse, & adoncques commencera entre Dieu & les hommes vne paix vniuerselle & demeurera lyé enuiron l'espace de mille ans, & tournera en sa plus grande force la puissance ecclesiastique, & puis tourne deslié.

Then, in the same year, and in those following there will ensue the most horrible pestilence, and the most monstrous by the famine which preceded it, and such great tribulations that will never have occurred since the first foundation of the Christian Church, and by all the Latin regions. Leaving traces of its effects in some of the Spanish (the Americas). By this time the third King of the North, hearing the cries of the people of his principal title, will raise such a great army, and will pass through the straits of his predecessors and ancestors, and will restore most of it into his estate, and the Great Vicar of the hood will be returned to his original state, but desolated, and the whole abandoned, he will turn to find the Holy of Holies destroyed by Paganism, and the Old and New Testaments will be thrown out and burned. After the Antichrist will be the infernal prince, again for the last time, all the kingdoms of Christianity, and even of the infidels, will tremble for the space of 25 years, and there will be more grievous wars and battles, and there will be towns, cities, castles, and all other buildings burnt, desolated and destroyed with a great effusion of virgin blood, the raping of married women and widows, and suckling children dashed to piece against the walls of towns, and so many evils will be committed under the means of Satan the infernal Prince, that almost the entire world will be found undone and desolate, and before these events some strange birds will cry in the air, Today, Today, and sometime later will vanish, and after that such period had lasted for long, will be almost renewed another reign of Saturn, and golden age: God the Creator, hearing the affliction of his people will command that Satan be cast into the abyssal depths of the bottomless pit, and be bound there, and then will commence between God and men a universal peace, and for around the space of a thousand years will remain bound, and the Ecclesiastical power will evolve into its greatest energy, then (Satan) turned loose (Well in accordance with the "Revelation" in the biblical scriptures).

Que toutes ces figures sont iustement adaptees par les diuines lettres aux choses celestes, visibles, c'est assavoir par Saturne, Iupiter & Mars, & les autres conioincts comme plus a plain par aucuns quadrins l'on pourra veoir. I’eusse calculé plus profondement & adapté les vngs auecques les autres. Mais voyant, ô Sereniss. Roy, que quelcuns de la sensure trouueront difficulté, qui sera cause de retirer ma plume a mon repos nocturne. Multa etiam , ô rex omnium potentissime praeclara & sane in breui ventura, sed omnia in hac tua epistola innectere non possumus, nec volumus, sed ad intelligenda quaedam facta, horrida fata , pauca libanda sunt, quamuis tanta sit in omnes tua amplitudo & humanitas homines deosque pietas, vt solus amplissimo & Christianissimo regis nomine, & ad quem summa totius religionis auctoritas deferatur dignus esse videare.

That all these figures are correctly adapted by the divine letters to the visible celestial matters, namely by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, and the other combined as could be seen more fully in any of the quatrains. I would have calculated more profoundly and adapted them to each other. But seen, O Most Serene King, that some from the censure would raise difficulties, it will be a reason to withdraw my pen to my nocturnal rest. For many events, O most powerful king of all, both ordinary and extraordinary, are to transpire soon, but we neither could nor would be able to bring them all together into this epistle, nevertheless, in order to comprehend certain horrible utterances of divine fate, a few must be set forth. So great is your grandeur and humanity before men, and your piety before the gods, that you alone are worthy of the great title of Most Christian King, and of being the one to whom the highest authority in all religion should be deferred.

Mais tant seulement ie vous requiers, ô Roy tresclement, par icelle vostre singuliere & prudente humanité d'entendre plus tost le desir de mon courage, & le souuerain estude que i'ay d'obeyr  vostre Serenissime Maiesté, depuis que mes yeux furent si proches de vostre splendeur solaire, que la grandeur de mon labeur ne attainct ne requiert.

But I shall only beseech you, O Most Clement King, by this your excellent and prudent humanity, to understand rather the desire of my forwardness, and the sovereign diligence that I have to obey your Most Serene Majesty, since my eyes were so close to your solar splendor, that the ampleness of my endeavor neither (could) attain nor meet.

De Salon, ce xxvij de Iuing, Mil cinq cens ciquante huit.

From Salon, this 27th of June, One thousand five hundred fifty eight (1558)

(Dated 1 year and 3 months since the date of March 14, 1557 mentioned in 5th paragraph of this Epistle and the reference date for the chronologies of time)

Faciebat Michaël Nostradamus Salonae Petrae Prouinciae.

Written by Michael Nostradamus of Salon de Crau, Provence