Judgment Day

Nostradamus Code Revealed

Benoit d'Andrimont

Benoit d’Andrimont has spent over 10 years analyzing Nostradamus prophecies with the primary goal of restoring the seer’s integrity, as many have distorted his writings by attributing to him what is not. This is a first book of more to come and you are welcome to contact Benoit.
        The main subject; Who is Nostradamus, Nostradamus code and how Nostradamus revealed the code to date the quatrains with a selection of Nostradamus quatrains demonstrating Nostradamus decoded and when will the world end.

        The book is a compelling evidence Nostradamus did not predict the 2012 end of the world nor any relation to the Mayan calendar end of the world and the Nostradamus effect so widely publicized.

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        This site is dedicated to the unprecedented discovery of Nostradamus code enabling to date Nostradamus predictions of the past, present and future all the way to the year 2242.

        For over 450 years Nostradamus prophecies have fascinated the world, yet no one has been able to ascertain the truth and the occurrence date of any of Nostradamus predictions beyond uncertainty and speculation.

        In this fascinating book, Benoit d’Andrimont releases the hidden Nostradamus code for the dating of Nostradamus prophecies as revealed by Nostradamus letters of dedication addressed to his son Caesar and Henri II, King of France (Epistles).

        This extraordinary discovery and application of the code to the Nostradamus quatrains accurately point the dates of the predicted events and are a compelling evidence of Nostradamus as a seer.

        A selected 155 analyzed and dated Nostradamus prophecies will embark the reader in a captivating voyage through history, the present and the future, from 1555 to 2242, the end of the world and a day of judgment.

      The Code Revealed

Quatrain 3-94

For five hundred years more they will take notice of him,
Who was the ornament of his time:
Then suddenly a great revelation will be made,
Which will make people of that century well pleased

        One of the most important quatrain written by Nostradamus about his fame for five hundred years, then suddenly the discovery and revelation of his code enabling people to finally begin to understand the dating and meaning of the prophecies.

        From his birth in 1503 to 2003, five hundred years have passed, this amazing book reveals, for the first time in history, the code intended by Nostradamus, bringing to light what was so obscure.

        The end of the prophecies, the year 2242, will please the reader to know there is no eminent end of the world as predicted by so many charlatans.

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Published: 10/11/2012

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